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Recommend a VN to Fuwa's Recommendation Program

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1 hour ago, ittaku said:

The reason I ask is I don't see To Heart 2 on there which I recommended (It's not a sequel despite the no. 2 designation; it's standalone.)

Ah I'm sorry, it looks like we missed that one. We had a few people copying the suggestions into the google sheet and so I think each of us assumed one of the others had handled it already. I've just added it now so it should be in the sorting quiz.

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While I understand that each people is already having their own sheet, in the end I think it would be still more effective if I suggest somethings. My recommendations here would be Evenicle, Maitetsu, Hapymaher, Chaos Child, Da Capo 3, Subahibi, Miagete, Seinarukana, Island, Comyu, Fureraba, and Amayui. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to the graphic even though some people may already suggested those VNs.

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I just wanted to give a little update as it's been a week or so since we ran the sorter quiz. We got nearly 20k votes in total, and ended up with a pretty great ranking in my opinion, so thank you to everyone who voted and suggested VNs! Unfortunately there were a few last minute suggestions we weren't able to add as the bulk of the voting happened over the first couple of days, but we hope to add more VNs to the site over time. 

We've got most of the coding done on the main site, we just need to verify the data and collect some additional screenshots etc, so I expect it'll take around a week before we're ready to go live. Here's a little preview of how it looks:


A big shout out to @Emi for her help in producing the visual design of the site, it looks absolutely gorgeous!


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On 29/06/2018 at 6:05 AM, ittaku said:

You should put the link in the opening post?

Ah, we made a separate thread, here. Although, yeah, I'll add the link to the first post here too :)

On 29/06/2018 at 6:43 AM, bakauchuujin said:

What about adding fureraba? https://vndb.org/v11856


We'll add VNs over time and in bulks - out biggest challenge is to integrate them to the newbie friendliness ranking. But we'll surely add more VNs later :)

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