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Ken ga Kimi text sticks out of box

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Recently upgraded my laptop from a 11" screen to a 15.5" 

Reinstalled KgK but the text sticks out of the box for some reason (i think it's because the gaps between the words are way wider)? It might be how the game is designed bc my PSP otomes are working fine. But the window sized is fix so I have no idea what the text is doing. Making it full screen doesn't change anything. It was fine on my old laptop. 


Running ITHVNR in the bg alongside Translation Agg if that means anything.



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2 hours ago, Kiriririri said:

Hmm could you be missing some Japanese fonts? I don't know. Try checking Optional Features and see if you can install Japanese Supplemental Fonts.

Both of my laptops had the default fonts and it was fine for the other one but not this one. Both were fresh installs too.


EDIT: Just downloaded another Rejet game and the same thing is happening. Not sure if their games are just programmed like this? The text has large gaps.

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