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Update: Chika's route at 100%!   I'm still going to give it a once-over before handing it over to Ouraibaa, which might take a couple of days, but in the meantime:   http://strawpoll.me/2547512

update: Chika route done, handed off for QC-ing. Which means voting is now closed.   ...And, in what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Mayo wins.

Maan, you all write an awful lot. I have to spend my little free time everyday to keep up with the thread haha, and I think it's going faster and faster these days. Also the translation is still

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One thing about the English language I really don't get:

"Good for you." is actually used sincerely and positively. That seem absolutely impossible to me. What?? That sentence is laden with sarcasm, dismissal or envy should I utter it. I cannot tie any positive emotions to these words, but from what I've seen people do use them sincerely. Amazing. In Portuguese we certainly don't have an equivalent sentence used positively.

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I was writing a review of a cyberpunk VN today and referenced Blade Runner 2049 in it. Than I realized that while I like that movie, it's basically a bad VN in movie form. Bloated, meandering between a dozen subplots and ending on a really weird note that resolves nothing and satisfies no one. All with over-the-top production values and deep conviction that it's super-profound (although it itself is not sure on what way).

Prove me wrong. :makina:

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And here's my greatest find from the ripped-nukige-CG folder of that shady disc. I want to ask for context, but I know the answer could never be fully satisfying.



Also, for those really curious, here's an ISO. I don't think it contains any actual copyrighted material... Outside of the screenshots/CGs from 25-years-old porn games which definitely didn't find their way there in a legit way, but I don't think those are problematic to share in this context?

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