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Need a refill of chuunige

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After finishing Silverio series, my PTR is lacking chuunige. More or less I believe I have finished the majority of popular stuff. I am NOT in the mood for Muramasa or KKK (will finish both one day) so I want something new. I prefer VNs with as little h-content as possible, including backstories (I am looking at you HF and Ayakashibito). Though I always skip it, it is still annoying. If a VN has good philosophical/psychological content (Fates heroism, Baldr AI etc.) and/or chuuni naming actually fulfills its purpose (for example, Silverio Vendetta - Orpheus and Euridike story elements in true route) it is a huge plus.

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To give you an idea of what they are like...

Vermilion Bind of Blood- Vampires in this particular setting are aggressive, arrogant, and often vicious.  They are also naturally contemptuous of humans and believe utterly in the caste of vampiric age and bloodlines.  Vampires are created by an elder vampire sacrificing what amounts to thirty years of built-up power to change a human.  There are hunters, but since vampires have pretty much taken over the politics of any place where they've been a while, they are closer to indiscriminate terrorists than heroes.  The protagonist is a former samurai turned vampire with nothing but contempt for his own kind and their illusions of greatness.  His catch phrase is 'There are no vampires, there are just humans who believe they are.'  He works at keeping order in a fictional American city called Foggy Bottom.  This game is highly violent and bloody (yay).  You are required to choose the worst of the heroines first, but once you are past her path, you can pick any of the ones other than the Grand Route.

Zero Infinity- Reference my review if you want an idea of what this game is like.

Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier-


Bradyon Veda-

Jingai Makyou- Jingai Makyou was one of the first untranslated VNs I played.  It is, typical to old-style Nitroplus form, somewhat obscure, violent, and generally dark in nature.  To be honest, this game is worth playing even if you only play Kaze no Ushiro ni Ayumu Mono's path.

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