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Broken Reflections - A Supernatural Slice of Life

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"Broken Reflections follows the protagonist, a student who has suffered from depression their entire life, who has been sent to a school that specializes in students with illnesses and traumatic pasts.

Upon their arrival, they receive an overwhelming wave of depression, the likes that they have never experienced before, which causes them to do the unthinkable...


After drifting off to what they expect to be their final sleep, the are shocked by the fact they awaken the following morning.

Looking around their room, they see the evidence of their suicide as plain as day, so they know that they didn't simply dream it but after having swallowed all of their medication, they know that they could not have survived... And yet, they did.

The only clues they have are a large, black feather on their desk and a strange pocket watch in their nightstand.

So now they not only have to adjust to their new school but they also experience fragmented memories of that night and recall a tall man in a black coat and hat speaking to them.

While trying to piece together this mystery, they will encounter several others who share a single thing in common.

They are all different and, in that sense, they are all the same.

Who was the tall man?

Did they have a hand in their survival?

And what is this ominous presence that lingers over the school...?"

Broken Reflections is my visual novel that is currently in development that is meant to help people understand what its like to live with a mental illness or coping with a traumatic past.

More and more people are beginning to take notice and acknowledge mental illnesses as a real issue and perhaps my story will be able to help on that front.
I have had several of my friends who suffer from illnesses, PTSD, etc... and they all are very excited about it, which I'm glad for.

I just launched my Indiegogo campaign, which contains the teaser trailer, as well as more information about myself, the story and why I'm doing it, if you would like to drop by and show your support.


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1 hour ago, Necromedes said:

How is it unreadable? I separated it into paragraphs to make it easier to consume. Please tell me how it should be formatted and I'll gladly correct it.

Not sure what skin you're using for the forums, but on the dark background, the text looks horrible. You should cut + paste it once more, click "clear formatting" and then post it again, this is unacceptable:


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