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problem with .ks file (shuffle tick! tack!)

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Hello, I am trying to translate the eroge "Shuffle! Tick! Tack!" Into my language. but when opening the files of the scene (.ks) I do not get comprencible letters only rare symbols which are impossible to translate, I hope someone can help me with this problem, it is the version of "Mangagamer".

Beforehand thank you very much

(sample image)


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VN script files are always buried under some amount of encryption and all translation projects have to figure out how to undo the encryption so they can extract the actual text. In most cases you'll be dealing with a proprietary archive file that contains all of the smaller script files. You'll need to figure out some way to open that archive. My first recommendation is to try opening your .ks file in Garbro:


Garbro is a fantastic tool for extracting assets from VNs. It'll open most VN archive files without a problem. However, I've encountered one or two VNs that handled script files differently from the rest of the assets in the game. In those cases Garbro wasn't able to get to the script files even though it could get to other assets for the game like sound and CG. If that ends up being the case here, you'll need to figure out how to open the file on your own. The first place to start with that is looking at your .ks file in a hex-editor rather than a plain text-editor.

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