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Can anyone link me to a detailed Da Capo series Timeline/Family Tree if there is one?

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Ok so, if there is a Family Tree of something of the sort that shows connections between characters in all of the Da Capo games, please link it to me. Correct me if i'm wrong. As far as I know, the timeline goes as: Da Capo III Weather Vane Arc, Da Capo, Da Capo II, Da Capo III Prologue, Da Capo III True ending Epilogue. Da Capo 3 W.V. Arc Kiyokata and Ricca are the Grandparents of Sakura, who is cousins with Junichi, who marries Nemu and is the grandparents to Otome and Yume, as well as being the father of Yoshiyuki with Sakura, and the half-uncle of the two Asakura sisters, magically brought to being by the tree. Suginami is the same Suginami in all 3 games, using magic to stay young. Thing is, that's where is ends for me. I don't understand Minatsu's appearence in the D.C. III W.V. Arc, as i'm pretty sure it's before 2, and she doesn't seem to be familiar with Suginami, OR hate humans at all. Also, I don't get how the D.C. III Prologue/True Ending Kiyotaka and Ricca fit into the Family Tree at all, if they even do.

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