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Are there any (preferably translated) VNs with a popular or school idol heroine. I know that in a lot of moege the heroines are typically beautiful and therefore fall into this category somewhat but I am thinking more along the lines of the kind you see in manga where the main love interest is the most popular girl in school and the male usually wouldn't have a chance with her. Specifically what got me looking for it is the manga Kuzumi-kun, Can't You Read the Room?. I couldn't find a VNDB tag like this only one for popular protagonist which makes searching for it harder.

Any suggestions are appreciated! 

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The first and second Da Capo comes to mind. Shirakawa Kotori in the first Da Capo and Shirakawa Nanaka for the second one. The Majikoi series has multiple characters that fall into this catergory.... Like Momoyo, Kazuko, Chris, Tsubame, Seiso, Benkei.

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Satsuki Shinonome, from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, would be a great choice for you. She's incredibly popular and beloved throughout her school.

I'd also say maybe Yuiko Kurugaya from Little Busters. I seem to remember her being popular and beloved as well. She's definitely seen as unattainable at first

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Hazuki (DS Dal Segno), and Kaoruko (Wagamana High Spec) count. Actually it's more like they are the popular school president. Ame (DS Dal Segno) could count ...... she's a holographic AI girl who's known by everyone on the island.

There's also Amane (Kono Oozora), who's a bit of a legend at her school. And Kotori (Kono Oozora) ....... who used to be popular.

Miyako (ef - the fairy tale of the two) ........ seems to morph into a popular girl during the game.

Amane (Grisaia) .......... probably would have been REAL popular (her "assets" seem to have every man within eyesight wrapped around her finger). But for plot reasons, she can't go to a normal high school....

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Because I'm evil (and because people who are interested in the answer might be interested)....

All the four main heroines from Tiny Dungeon (especially Ururu-sama)

Rin from Reminiscence

Amatsu Kanata from Devils Devel Concept

Ichinotani Shouko from Ayakashibito (translated)

Rena and Chiharu from Otome ga Tsumugu, Koi no Canvas

Natsuhi Hikaru from Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide

Akibe Eru, Kamio Ami and Takahashi Sunao from Semiramis no Tenbin

Fujina Kanori from Minamijuujisei Renka

Teidou Setsuka and Himeno Satsuki from Campus's 'Uso' series

All the heroines except Akane in Kin'iro Loveriche (for different reasons)

Yamagami Miori from Haruru Minamo ni

Shinomori Rinon from Gensou no Idea

Faura Linans and Sofia Usty from World Election

Asaba Konami and Jinpou Ann from SakuSaku (translated)

All the heroines in the Primal X Hearts series

Sawatari Michiru from Chrono Clock (translated)

Azuma Yoru, Kozakai Aya from Hatsuyuki Sakura

All the heroines from Hello, Lady

Mifuyu and Mashiro from Tayutama (this has a decent chance of getting localized, considering that the sequel, which makes no sense without it, it is getting a localization)

Hazakura Renka from Love Revenge

Ichimine Touka from Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname

Aika, Flora, and Scana from Valkyrie Runabout (recommend this, if you like isekai and school life SOL at the same time)

Celia from Walkure Romanze

Shion and Takako from Otoboku


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For popular heroine, Misaki from Fureraba quite fit and moreso because at the beginning you didn't have a chance to be with her, thanks to Misaki's classmates whose quite overprotective to her. Other than that, Midori from HatsuKoi could be count considering that she is very popular student council president. Hope my recommendations will be help.

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