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Hoshizora no Memoria Sekai version 100% save anyone?

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Hey guys

Wondering if anyone has a 100% save for the SekaiProject release version of Hoshizora no Memoria. Don't really have the time to go through all the routes to get to secret heroine + Mare route and I really want to play that asap. I did try the save.bin for the JP version but it's makes the game heavily bugged making voices don't play at all. http://sagaoz.net/savedata/ha/hoshizora_124.zip

Guessing I'd need a save from the SekaiProject version itself. Anyone can share the save.bin? 



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Well, did you ever heard about the "skip"- function?

It's a magical function that allows you to skip every text even the one you didn't read.

IMO that would be faster than to wait for a save-data. 

I did it for KoiChoco because: 


this girl was just annoying:



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I have lot of other VN's and games to play at the moment so I'll focus on that first. I'm putting this out there just in case someone has it so I can immediately get back to hoshimemo. 

I'm not too hyped about the other heroines other than Isuzu, Mare and secret heroine so I'm not too motivated to go through other routes right now (even w/ skip) considering my backlog. I have finished Isuzu route though. 

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