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Types of visual novels


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If it's alright, I'd like to ask, what sort of visual novels are allowed to be submitted for hosting here on Fuwanovel? Sky's the limit or are there restrictions, like no Eroge, Nukige, excessive violence, incest (including yuri/yaoi).. etc (just examples, of course)?

I can't find any guidelines, one way or the other on the site, so I thought it'd be a good idea to pop the question here first.

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You can suggest any VN that is in English to be shared on torrent and it will be up to Aaeru if she decides to add it to fuwanovel.

However you can use the Downloads and Requests section on forum to share any game you might have (doesnt have to be in English) http://forums.fuwano...s-and-requests/

If you properly describe it (or add link to vndb or something with description) so people know its violent or rape or whatever, it is fine.

And we like Eroge and even Nukige so why not smile.gif And we have various fetishes so anything you might like is fine (I think someone recently asked for some futa game but well, its his thing to like, I just like lolis)

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Thank you for the reply! biggrin.gif

After checking out what others I own later, I can help upload any that I have for the people on the thread. (If I do)

My reason for asking, is that I'm thinking of working on a VN project which contains some.. er.. decidedly mature themes. Nothing really excessive, but definitely isn't PG-13. And it has as much sex as plot, with incest, yuri..etc.. Plus it's a single route romance, but with choices to get good/bad endings.

Since it's all preliminary, I won't elaborate so much, but I'll working on the translations myself, then when the time comes, I'll talk about it some more.

So, I was wondering, if hosting wouldn't be a problem.

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Oh in that case it will be fine, once the English is complete and it works as pre-patched download, I am sure Aaeru (or someone else with access to the torrents) will add it to the website.

We love sex!

[if you noticed Sonohana yuri games are on fuwanovel website too and its nukige]

But you should hint what the game is, I hope the incest is imouto, I love those xD

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Sure! I don't mind sharing at all, but I think only the third one will appeal towards your taste. I have all three sitting on my hard drive. But it's all very, very preliminary, as I need time to do up the translations, especially for the 3rd project, which is a far bigger one. Not to mention, the aid of a hacker to help patch things up.

Here's what I'd like to do, when time permits -

Game 1 (NSFW)

Game 2 (NSFW)

Game 3

Very ambitious, which means it will probably wind up to be more talk than action! biggrin.gif

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Nice. Well I would only be interested in the third one if it was 18+ xD And in the other ones the girls are too old :P

Anyways good luck with that, if you want I can change the topic name for you to recruit people you need, such as the hacker.

Feel free to use this forums for recruitment and as a base of operations for the projects.

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Well we generally don't add nukige to the site. (At least that's what Aeru said last time something like this was discussed). Stuff like Sonohana is an exception since they're so popular. I doubt we'll add random dlsite nukige to the site honestly. But ask Aaeru its she who decides, not me lol. The third one is a given though if you get to it.

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Hm, seemed to me more like the others wasn't added mostly because nobody is prepatching and adding them, but if the original creator himself uploads the game prepatched to like mediafire, moving it to torrent could be fine... maybe.

In the worst case scenario a possibility of nukige section (like the otome one) can be discussed later, if the translator actually asks for it.

It is hard translation work after all so I think if he takes the time with it, he should be allowed to share it prepatched on fuwanovel whether it is yuri (sonohana) or not. (its not my word to say, it really depends all on Aaeru - but I can say you can share it on forums 100%)

It is not like it would be HF machine patch or something like that.

But Josette, if you like translating sex, I think lots of projects would appreciate help with H scenes tongue.gif

As it is mostly the hardest part (not hard Japanese but hard to focus on it).

I certainly would for my project: http://forums.fuwano...ssibly-editors/

I could really use TL currently for about 1200 lines of H for Mare route so we can possibly have partial patch later smile.gif

And there are other projects, but its up to you, if you want these games exactly then its fine, just saying that in the translation of Eroge, the translator is often distracted by the H scenes and gets outside of his translation rhythm when it comes to H-scenes, so having someone who is experienced in translating Nukige would be really great asset to the team.

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