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New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

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3 minutes ago, Veshurik said:

MoeNovel is still alive, oh, how?!

They don't have to pay for the license and they probably get the titles translated cheap. There are also some people who for some reason seems to love them even though they are just butchering the VNs. Considering the speed at which they have released titles as of late I will assume that they are going to ruin many more titles for us.

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On 4/21/2018 at 7:24 PM, ☆Ayase☆ said:

This is a very good game so I hope people could enjoy it!

In that case, I'll take your word on it. Especially when this time we have Konno Asta as the writer, although maybe it's quite subjective though.

20 minutes ago, Veshurik said:

MoeNovel is still alive, oh, how?!

As long as Pulltop still exist, it mean that MoeNovel would exist alongside them (Duh). Besides it's only been a month since their Cross Channel release, so it's still too early for them to go bankrupt. That and usually Steam user would obliviously bought their releases without knowing the censorship.

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Ok, so I finished it today. It was good, despite being short. It took me just under 7 hours to complete both routes - but I skipped thru common route the second time. This is what you get, when you cut almost all SoL from moege ;)

It is pretty light hearted. Both girls and their routes are nice. There is some drama, but nothing heavy.

Art and music is typical Pulltop - if you played Konosora or Miagete you'll feel right at home ;)

Translation is OK. As always, there are some awkward lines, but not too many. "Grandmama" for "Obaasama" (that's how Emily calls Machiko) is... umm... e-to... weird  choice, reminding me somehow of "Asa-bat" from SakuSaku. Then there are some lines with missing words (mostly particles), but overall it reads OK. And that's definitely no machine translation, there had to be some humans involved ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed it, so it gets 8 from me. Short, but fun.

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