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Any VN's like Majikoi/Tsujidou?


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Did he finish all Majikoi games? After original Majikoi there is S and A1-A5 (A3-A5 are unfortunately untranslated yet). Some consider Majikoi S more a fandisc than a sequel, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I've also read A1 and A2 fandiscs, and can recommend them too.


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It's not so much on the action front, but if they're looking for comedy, they could give Little Busters a try. Compared to Majikoi, it keeps the "friends" aspect and also does comedy really well. There are several scenes which had me pausing the VN to laugh for a few minutes. It's a very very good VN. Also just know that the description is a bit "bland" and doesn't really describe it so well. I'm not going to spoil anything, but suffice to say that it is very engaging and worth their while - especially given the desire for comedy. 

As mentioned by adamstan, there are also the (many) fandiscs + sequel for Majikoi if they want to stay with that story and world, and that wouldn't be a bad choice. 

I'll also toss in a recommendation for Utawarerumono. I haven't actually read it myself - I watched the anime - but it is on /r/visualnovels' recommendation chart, and reading it would allow one to go after the sequels: Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth respectively. I'm reading Mask of Deception at the moment and having a really fun time. The action isn't quite so prevalent, but when it does come it is definitely fun, and the VN (like Little Busters) has had me pausing to laugh several times. Both sequels are PS4 / PS Vita only though.

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