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new releases I may have missed

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Like I said on the review thread, I almost missed Fatal Twelve, thinking it was just an uninteresting game. However, I feel that I have to read it.

My request today is that you guys recommend recent releases - not newest in production, but recent in English  - that I may have missed but should totally add to my to-read list.

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While I don't have any direct recommendations I have made a list of all the VNs with official english releases. The ones released in english in 2017 and 2018 have (2017) or (2018) written at the end. The average vndb vote is on the list and is one of the things used to sort the titles. If you want to look through new releases you can just use ctrl 7 and write in 2018 then just look through the different titles. If you want to look for ones not yet released in english to see things that will come out you can just ctrl 7 and write in, not released in english yet. The list is this one 


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