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Whats the best charage/moege VN in your opinion

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I never read a straight moege (and I kind of lost all motivation to even try them recently), but between the VNs that have strong moe element in some parts my favorite would definitely be Planetarian.

As for charage, I don't really like this term, because there's usually no clear way to distinguish of how much plot should make a charage into a plotge. I guess, Grisaia, if we talk about what normally considered a charage. Though something like Fata Morgana also definitely focuses way more on characters than the actual plot.

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2 hours ago, KanadeTachibana said:

Grisaia Charage

Princess Evangile Moege

Don't really have a wide pool to draw from but I'd have to agree with PE for moege. It's really really fun to read, and relaxing and soothing too. The first 2 or 3 hours are the time I've come to refer to as the "hump period" where I need to get pulled in. I found myself being pulled in almost immediately, which doesn't always happen with me. From there things got better and better. I really like that the synopses present it as a simple story, but it winds up surpassing that and striking above its weight. It's obviously not to the point of making a grand statement like something like Fate/Stay Night, but it still wound up being interesting in a few ways that I didn't see coming - ways that made me reflect on my own life. That's always a bonus when it comes to a VN and indeed is one of the reasons I like the medium so much. Plus it does a lot of things pretty well - the art is quite pleasant, the music is really nice (with several tracks being standouts or memorable), and the thing I like most is it sticks to its plot relatively well. the Steam release also didn't have issues with bugs that I noticed (aside from the overlay itself not working) which helped. Also some of the scenes were genuinely hilarious to the point where I had to pause reading so I could laugh for (literally) a few minutes). In the end, Vincennes became somewhere I would want to visit IRL if possible - just like the Future Gadget Laboratory from Steins;Gate, and Yamaku, from Katawa Shoujo. I didn't go into it with high expectations but wound up feeling happy when I read it, relaxed, and comfortable.

I'm waiting until I've forgotten the story and will reread (common route + favorite route (Rise FTW)) it in a year or two. It's going to be only the second VN I've ever reread. 

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