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Favorite sibling pair?


Favorite sibling pair  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite sibling pair?

    • Fujibayashi Kyou and Fujibayashi Ryou (Clannad)
    • Sakagami Tomoyo and Sakagami Takafumi (Tomoyo After)
    • Mitsurugi Meiya and Koubuin/Mitsurugi ***** (Muv-Luv)
    • Tohsaka Rin and ***** ****** (Fate Stay Night)
    • Kazami Yuuji and Kazami ****** (Grisaia)
    • Morita Kenichi and Higuchi ****** (Sharin no Kuni)
    • Kogasaka You and Kogasaka Chinami (Hoshizora no Memoria)
    • Hisakaki Komomo and Hisakaki Kosame (Hoshizora no Memoria)
    • Natsume Kyousuke and Natsume Rin (Little Busters)
    • Wakatsuki Kagami and Wakatsuki Tsukasa (Subarashiki Hibi)
    • Tokisaka Reiji and Tokisaka Yukari (Kara no Shoujo)
    • Tohno Shiki and Tohno Akiha (Tsukihime)
    • Hisui and Kohaku (Tsukihime)
    • Azai Kyosuke and Azai Kanon (G-senjou no Maou)
    • Shiratori Mizuha and ****** **** (G-senjou no Maou)
    • Kazato Asa and Kazato Yoru (Kono Oozora ni)
    • Others (Please specify)
    • Sonozaki Shion and Sonozaki Mion (Higurashi)
    • Mamiya ******** and Mamiya Hasaki (Subarashiki Hibi)

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I have a few favorite ones.

Favorite sister-sister pairs: Meiya and ***** (Muv-Luv), Rin and ****** (Fate Stay Night), Komomo and Kosame (Hoshizora no Memoria), Hisui and Kohaku (Tsukihime)

Favorite brother-sister pairs: Yuuji and ****** (Grisaia), Kenichi and ****** (Sharin no Kuni), Shiki and Akiha (Tsukihime), You and Chimami (Hoshizora no Memoria)


What is your favorite sibling pair? It can be either blood-related or non blood-related.

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Tokisaka Reiji and Tokisaka Yukari because they are one of the few visual novel characters that actually act like family. One of my favorite scenes in Kara No Shoujo is when Reiji sees his sister naked and his only reaction is, "Huh my sister is naked...what a weirdo." Instead of you know the average eroge response.


Also I'd say Meiya and ***** or Hisui and Kohaku even though these are both really damn tragic relationships because reasons.

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Gotta love the bi polar loli twins from Kono Oozora. Both of them get some delicious H scenes too (there's even a scene with BOTH of them).

The Kazami siblings wins the award for "most powerful duo in the universe", most likely.

The Fujibayashi twins are pretty cute.


Other interesting pairs I've seen.....

* Aries and Aqua from Himawari (a cute and powerful duo).

* Chocola and Vanilla from Nekopara (series has threesome scenes with both of them).

* Kouki and Toa from Wagamama High Spec (complete with incest H scenes if you're into that sort of thing).

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As for sibling pair, I'll think I'll just go with Mamiya sibling from Subahibi for now because of spoiler reason. Both of them did have some serious issue back when they were in childhood, and that's said a lot considering what Subahibi is. I can't say anymore since basically the story around them is major spoiler for Subahibi, but just in case someone curious about the spoiler here it is.


Basically one of the sibling was suffered DID and managed to form three personality (Mamiya Tomosane), while another one was also saw many traumatic events in the past (Mamiya Hasaki). Yes, I'm talk about those two as the Mamiya sibling. As for Takuji himself he was more or less just an outsider for Hasaki, despite Hasaki called him 'Nii-san' and the fact that both of Hasaki and Takuji born as twin (Thanks to Takuji's deranged mom). For the conclusion here, basically the true protagonist of Subahibi was Mamiya Tomosane because the mere fact that most Subahibi protagonists was multiple personalities of his.

PS - For seiyuu joke here, interesting to note that Tokisaka siblings did have fought back at Dies Irae, as Reinhard (Reiji) and Kei (Yukari).

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