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So you're a Visual Novel protagonist...


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Okay, so let's say that one day you wake up and find yourself in the body of the protagonist for a Visual Novel. You have complete control of their actions and thoughts. Which Visual Novel would you choose and which protagonist would you choose to be?

For me it would be Tact Mayers from Galaxy Angel because not only do one of my favorite characters ever exist in that world, but the world itself is a futuristic utopia(when it's not under assault)

Other than that I guess I would choose Clannad because I match up well with Tomoya personality wise and I wouldn't mind being around the main cast(though I would friendzone Nagisa so fast)


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Oh I would also be Shou from Flowers because I've wanted to be a beautiful woman I mean we have so much in common in terms of taste! Though, I certainly wouldn't act like a awkward 13 year old middle schooler there.


But yeah I had to not go with the one's that end in unmeasurable tragedy or one's that have a high risk of a very unpleasant death.

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This is actually a much harder question than first meets the eyes. What makes a good VN seems incompatible with wanting to be the protagonist. In fact some slice of life nukige would be surprisingly attractive. However not only would that be a boring answer, the idea of mindless sex doesn't appeal to me.


After some thinking I realized the answer is to go all out and think of which world setting could be interesting. Utawarerumono or Kamidori would actually be interesting.

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This is alot harder than I thought.  Thought it'd be easy by picking a favorite girl, but there are so many!  So figured I'd go with favorite world, but then I realized that the majority of what I read is modern-day without things like magic.  Hmm...  Hatsukoi 1/1 maybe?  Biggest reason is Tsukishima Kyou.

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18 minutes ago, Dreamysyu said:
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You already are him. :holo:


As for me... I'd go for Takeshi  from Ever17, because with everything he had to go through,

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I wouldn't really mind living forever. :mare:


Ah yeah that's also one of mine because Tsugumi is bae.


Yeah that whole living forever bit would give you a good opportunity to get acquainted with the two nearly grown children you suddenly find out you have.



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