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Hinaori Kagome

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When I read Comyu back in late 2014, I remember growing quite fond Kagome, making the visual novel a rather enjoyable experience despite some of its shortcomings. I've always liked ruthless, if not downright cruel or evil characters, and Kagome definitely fits the billwith one good dose of smugness on top. To this day, I think she's one of my favourite characters overall as far as anime, manga and visual novels go.

Despite that, however, it has been such a long time since then that I actually struggle to remember her personality in detail. With that in mind, I am wondering if anyone here happens to have any records (images, videos, simple text, save files; anything goes) of some entertaining scenes involving Kagome. Full playthroughs aside, there's an awful lack of such content out there from what I've seen.

I figure that if I ever get into a conversation about my favourite characters, Kagome would definitely be worth a mention, and so it would be good to have a better grasp on her personality than I do now. And, of course, it would be fun to relive some of these moments without actually going through the whole VN again. :sachi:

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