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Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No Translation Project (Completed)

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On 7/31/2020 at 2:10 PM, ittaku said:

Of course the world is a completely different place to what it was just a few months ago and those who committed to help translate this have all but disappeared due to world events (can't blame them). However, as it turns out I'm between official projects and bored so I've resumed translation on this slowly chipping away at the branch school till my next official project comes along. So some progress will happen in the interim, and perhaps eventually it will all get translated this way.

Why though? Afraid of catching Covid from their computers? People are at their homes more than ever, but somehow they can't continue their projects and hobbies... Yeah.. No. Most likely just didn't want to anymore.

Was so important that it had to be said thrice XD Well, forum was acting up so please delete the other two.

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3 hours ago, ittaku said:

Dropped all the inactive staff. Other translators have bailed once more. This project has gone back to only being 4/6 routes planned that I've translated and will be edited.  Once editing is complete we'll release a patch just of those routes and call it a day. Thanks to our editors for not giving up.

That's sad to hear🥺well 4/6 routes are better than nothing. 

Thank you for all your work up to now. 

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Hey, everyone!

It pains me to say this, but seeing as I no longer have the time to manage a project like this, I'll be stepping down as leader and QA of the project. Ittaku will be taking over as leader, and we'll be looking for applicants for the QA position. It's been a turbulent, but fun few years, and I wish every one of the staff the best in getting this project over the line.


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After one last attempt at getting another translator failed, I will stick to the plan of releasing this with only 4 routes complete.

2 routes have been completely edited.

1 is almost completely edited.

The common route is almost completely edited.


I've decided that I cannot wait to find another editor or wait for the existing editor to pick up and edit the last route so my plan now is to just proofread the remaining route myself and then release it as is.

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Can't blame you. Its very hard to find people willing to volunteer nowadays. All the OG translators and editors have moved on or are working for actual localisation companies, and all the potential new ones are kinda spoiled by the volume of English releases that they don't see the point of learning Japanese. In the past, out of necessity, there would be people who would try to improve their Japanese by translating in the own time. I'm really grateful and thankful for all the work you and the team put in :)

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Pomelo has finished editing Miyabi's route and the common route. She only has to edit the grand epilogue scene - which many people won't even get to since you have to play through all routes to unlock it, and 2 routes will remain untranslated. That's my cue for starting the proofread on the final route - Tonoko, so I've begun on that. Unlike editing it should be a quick process, done in a month or so.

Blake as graphic editor is resuming work on converting titles/text in game.

In addition I've decided not to go ahead with redrawn graphics for the H scenes. Instead I've applied my unique "fine mosaic" technique which keeps the mosaic intact but at half the pixel width, thereby also preserving the original artist's work. This is not as time consuming as redrawing and all the HCGs from the translated routes have already had this process completed now.

You may have worked out from the above update that this project is accelerating now that it is coming to a close after the editing was completed. I anticipate a release within a few months barring further setbacks.

Ruu \o/

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Editing is complete on the grand epilogue, and I'm 3/4 of the way through proofreading Tonoko's route.

Graphic editing is progressing with most menu items done.

Text reinsertion has been fixed to create a second text window when it overflows from the first.

Still to go:

Remaining graphic editing.

Some programming work is still required to insert the updated graphics.

Finish proofreading Tonoko's route

Create patch.

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  • VirginSmasher changed the title to Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No Translation Project (Completed)

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