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Here's a scene I wrote and the status of other creative stuff in my life.

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Spring break is over for me, so I can finally calm down with my posting, and bury myself in lines code. I have only six weeks of school left! Yay! :sacchan:Then, I can read.... actually I don't know what to read after Kara no Shoujo. Maybe Subahibi..... *shrugs shoulders*

So in the meantime, i figured I would lend you guys a brief scene of mine.

Is the scene related to the VN I am working on?

Somewhat. It's a scene of a prequel to the VN I am working on.

Where is the link to that scene?

right here.

Scene Title: Hold my hand

Genre: Romantic Drama

Word Count: 1647 Words

Feedback: Anything.

How is that VN anyway? Will it be vaporware?

My biggest fear is development hell.:vinty: No seriously, I hate having to work on perpetual projects because I am too familiar with burnout. It won't be vaporware in fact. I am going to set release date soon and I need some friends to hold me accountable. I will post the status of the VN in a blog here and have weekly updates on it. :lol:

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On 3/20/2018 at 2:15 AM, Ranzo said:

Seems pretty good man I wish you luck in your endeavors. I think I would have real trouble writing about children I'm sure any dialogue I wrote would end up sounding really weird.

Anyway, this makes me jealous and I'm going to post something of my own, so there!

I look forward to seeing whatever it may be!

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