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Favorite Tsundere?


Favorite tsundere  

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  1. 1. Who's your favorite (pseudo) tsundere?

    • Makise Kurisu (Steins Gate)
    • Fujibayashi Kyou (Clannad)
    • Wakatsuki Kagami (Subarashiki Hibi)
    • Tohsaka Rin (Fate Stay Night)
    • Komachi Tsugumi (Ever17)
    • Sasasegawa Sasami (Little Busters)
    • Matsushima Michiru (Grisaia)
    • Konohana Lucia (Rewrite)
    • Ootori Chihaya (Rewrite)
    • Oone Touka (Sharin no Kuni)
    • Hisakaki Komomo (Hoshinozara no Memoria)
    • Habane Kotori (Kono Oozora ni)
    • Shiratori Mizuha (G-senjou no Maou)
    • Others

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12 minutes ago, Dreamysyu said:


Well, she's one of my favorite female characters in VNs.


Well for me it is:

Yumiko from Grisaia no Kajitsu and:


There are 2 kinds of Tsundere characters for me. The ones that are really annoying and the one that are just cute.

Habane Kotori belongs to the first category and Fujibayashi KyouMakise Kurisu and Shiratori Mizuha belongs to the second category. 

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I think my first would be Makise Kurisu - I'm tremendously biased towards Steins;Gate, but she's really one of the best examples of a well done tsundere.

Second favorite I think would be Tokido Saya from Little Busters EX


She's absolutely hilarious :D. The way she goes off into these really ridiculous rants is just WAY too funny :D. Even with that in mind she's actually really sweet and caring. I'd been using a guide and reading the description of her route I decided I'd just "get it out of the way" since I wasn't really looking forward to it but it honestly wound up being one of my favorites of all the routes (which is a tough call). Plus her character song was really really nice too and somehow mixes elegance and playfulness and a few other things in a way that suits her really well. I think it might be my favorite character song of all the heroines in Little Busters, too (and perhaps character song of any VN I've read). Plus I really loved the 


hot spring scene - the first one where they're both forced to go in, and the second one where they come back the next day and she swears because she forgot to disable it XD.

 For a route and character that seemed like they could've been a throwaway, everything about her route (and character) was done really really well. Here's the song for reference. Heck even the title fits well. 


30 minutes ago, Kurisu-Chan said:

For the 194824th time, i am not a tsundere and i will never be!!! 

You forgot the "hmph" :P. 

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11 hours ago, Ranzo said:


Tsugumi Komachi (Ever17)

One because I think she is just such a fascinating character and she has a perfectly reasonable reason why she is initially cold to Takeshi.

After that it's Rin, Lucia,  Kyou, and Mizuha.


When I think of Tsudere, I think of a bitch like asuka langley or fatora from el-harzard.

While I do love Kurisu from Steins;gate. Tsugumi alone is why I kept playing Ever17.

Rin being a tsudere is kinda werid to me. She's not really mean enough or distant enough in my opinion.

Tsugami is a straight up ice cold bitch to you. You play as Takeshi and she does not give you the time of day. I mean damn, getting her happy end in Ever17 required some work. I failed like three times getting that bad end with her.

When you do finally get past her bitchyness. There is a reason for why she's such a bitch to you and opens up. Rin ins't like that. She can be sassy, but about it.

Because we don't know much about Rin's backstory in F/SN. Meanwhile, there's quite few flashbacks on Tsugumi's life.

Kurisu is bit colder and warms up a bit more. She was my fav until I read ever17.

All in all. Tsugumi is the best tsugami, because you have to convince her to like you otherwise she'll abadon you.

Once you do have her, she is loyal and faithful any good waifu can be.

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