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MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

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Congratulation to the Pulltop for the release I suppose, and thanks for releasing this because basically this is a redundant release to me XDDD.

Well seeing that this time it's Pulltop who handle Cross Channel, I'm not surprised that their Cross Channel translation get some flak. Because after all, they couldn't even did Konosora in the past and they only slightly improved in Miagete translation (Yes slightly, because I'd hear that it's lack of QC). And yet Cross Channel here was one of hard to translate VNs (According to Moogy, so this might be subjective opinion), so basically it couldn't be translated easily by anyone else. I knew that we already have two translation available, but from what I'd hear it's apparently still below standard.

For my opinion here, while I think that anyone who think current Cross Channel translation is bad have some point, I also think that at least we can still understand the plot so is all good to me. Also apparently what part that was hard to translate was the prose, so I think that maybe Romeo Tanaka was tried to use the prose to cover the story writing. What I can say is that while prose may be important, the majority of the people who read Cross Channel would less likely care about that as long as they can read that in English. Besides from what I can read back at Ixrec's review, Cross Channel itself was have very vast polarization so we can't expect that this VNs would be good for everyone else even with the better translation. So in the end I say that to each other own if we talk about Cross Channel translation.

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