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Sect [BXG/Romance/Drama] Now on itch.io!

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Sect is a romance, intrigue and story-focused visual novel.


Sect follows a young adult in a corrupted city where various shady organizations and groups exist, among them, the Sect of Illuminated stands supreme in instilling fear and brainwashing the masses.

To take revenge for the death of his parents, our protagonist decides to create a Sect of his own.


More info : 

Chapter avalaible : 2

Language : English

Plateform : Windows, Linux and Android (Mac version will be released later...)

Every two weeks, one Chapter will be added to "Sect"


You can download it on itch.iohttps://vinovel.itch.io/sect-vn


Feedback apprecied :D !

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Update the game's info

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6 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Eeeehm... Have you switched the artwork to free assets yet? It would be really weird playing a VN with all that Umineko stuff still in there.

No but I'm trying to contact some artist to do my sprite ( Maybe Wednesday if I can't find someone I change with free sprite)

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