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Hi everyone

Jean D’Arc

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hi, i’m Jean D’Arc, also known as lostarc38 in a few other places. Nice to meet everyone!

i’m a really big type-moon fan, although that means the only major visual novels i’ve read are fate stay night and mahoutsukai, ehehe :leecher:

i’ve been learning japanese for a few years now, and i think i’ve gotten good enough to translate something sooner or later!

anyways, nice to meet you all! :sachi:

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51 minutes ago, MaggieROBOT said:

Hey there, Fate fan! Nice to meet you! You should definetely try Tsukihime too! Me too, in fact. :sachi:

As fellow fan, I ask you, what's your favorite route? Who's your favorite character?

yeah i might read tsukihime soon (tm) :sacchan:

my favorite route was probably heaven’s feel, and sakura best girl

22 minutes ago, tahu157 said:

Lotsa strange things happening where you live yeah?

yeah the weather is really bad and there’s a lot of crashes, why’d it have to come in March :notlikemiya:


16 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Welcome to Fuwa! ^^

Have fun posting and if you ever feel like expanding your VN horizons we'll have tons if weird recommendations just for you! :3

thanks, i’ll look forward to those soon :sachi:

13 minutes ago, Norleas said:

By your profile pic i see that you have good taste sir, welcome. 

thanks, abi is precious :sachi:

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1 hour ago, Happiness+ said:

Howdy, since you read FS/N what do you think about the Heaven’s Feel route? 

My favorite was Unlimited Blade Works.

without getting into spoilers, i really liked shirou’s development in heaven’s feel and the plot (yes that plot too :leecher:)

unlimited blade works was really cool too tho

1 hour ago, DarkZedge said:

Welcome to Fuw0, always nice to see new faces around.

thanks, i think you’ll be seeing a lot of me :mare:

1 hour ago, Ranzo said:


But yeah I heard that Innsmouth is just full of Fishmen, just wall to wall Fishmen.


that’s funny, i haven’t seen any around

9 minutes ago, Andromis said:

Hello and welcome to Fuwa! Hope you enjoy it here.

P.S. Watch out for those pesky deep ones.

thanks for the warm welcome :sachi:

idk why everybody keeps talking about weird fish man things, innsmouth is pretty normal

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Me: *sees name Jean D'Arc

Oh this one is definately a Fate fan!

*casually shows my Jeanne on FGO

15 hours ago, Jean D’Arc said:

my favorite route was probably heaven’s feel

A man of culture, I see

15 hours ago, Jean D’Arc said:

 and sakura best girl

Okay let me take that back reaaaal quick.

15 hours ago, Jean D’Arc said:

abi is precious :sachi:

Okay now take it you're a man of culture.


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15 hours ago, Weiterfechten said:

またもう一人の日本語を勉強する人ですか?いいね! Fuwanovelにようこそ。お勧めが欲しいなら気軽に聞いてね。



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