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2 hours ago, Happiness+ said:


Thanks so much man! I really appreciate the thorough response. Its great to have a coder like yourself with ambition to create a VN on Fuwa. I hope you enjoy the community and stick around!

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18 minutes ago, Chewy said:

How to make the world a better place?

Chewy. Take a seat. I want you listen carefully to what I have to say.

Change must come inward before outward. You must become the change that you want to see in the world, and inspire others to follow suit.

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3 hours ago, wei123 said:

Hello there! Frankly speaking, there aren't a lot of legit horror vns out there but Phenomeno  is pretty decent, despite it being very short. 

Also, I think it's good have the link to a vndb list of all the vns you've played on your profile so that people can recommend vns to you based off it

I don't mind it being short. That means I can go through it with a friend. Better yet, I could use this game as date material.

"Hey there are you single and ready to mingle?"


"Are you free tonight? I wanna show you something."

"What's that?"

"A visual novel."

"What's that?"

"You'll see ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)"

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2 minutes ago, Weiterfechten said:

Welcome to Fuwanovel! I might have missed it amongst all the text but what is your favourite VN?

Nobody has asked that ironically.

I don't really know because I am stuck. I wanna say Fate/Stay Night, but that Heaven's Feel route was trash.

I wanna say Ever17, but the game tricks you way too much. It forces you down certain routes to achieve the perfect end. It was years before Neir Automata would pull off the same shit. At least that game had philosophy to keep my overthinking ass at bay.

Maybe, Higruashi but I am just going to say that I haven't found one yet. I am hoping that Kara no shoujo would be my favorite. That's not answer now is it.

So, I will say Ace Attorney, because those are VNs. Just not like the ones we're used to, and my favorite case was Bridge to Turnabout. That case is made all the more special after you finish the trilogy.


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20 hours ago, Happiness+ said:


2. *Vietnam Flashbacks Intensifies*



9 hours ago, Happiness+ said:

I feel bad that I had to google Pretty Cure. Maybe I divulge all the yuri I watched so that people can Gauge where I am at.

Madoka magica! Homura did nothing wrong.

Riddle Story of Devil. The ending was eh, but I was just there for the ride

Citrus is life. Citrus is love.

I would love it if Sailor Venus can take me out sometime.

I tried. I mean I really tried watching Maria Watches Over Us, but damn.....

Mariaholic was insanely fun. Could you call that  a yuri? I am going to call it a yuri.


Have you seen Strawberry Panic yet? That's a yuri classic. Oh and have you ever read any yuri manga?

So what's this vn you are making? What's it about? Are you doing the illustrations yourself?

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21 hours ago, Ranzo said:


Have you seen Strawberry Panic yet? That's a yuri classic. Oh and have you ever read any yuri manga?

So what's this vn you are making? What's it about? Are you doing the illustrations yourself?

I haven’t seen Strawberry Panic yet. It is back-logged. I have briefly looked at the citrus manga before the anime dropped. I haven’t read that far into the manga. For the VN, I will make a full topic explaining my history on Lemmasoft and what happened in 2017. The VN is essentially an adaptation of a novel that I published in high school back in 2016. It’s more of a kinetic novel, really since it’s linear. I didn’t do the illustrations myself. I actually had a legit team working on this VN, but shit happened and the project died off. In one sentence the VN is about: A missionary with amnesia finds himself in a futuristic world where religion does not exist anymore. 

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3 hours ago, Jean D’Arc said:

hello, fellow new but slightly older user :mare:

my question is: who is your waifu?

Such a classic question. I remember when first came across my waifu. She was quiet, reserved, but also a clone of someone's mother. Who now is a pilot of a biomachine weapon that is also her. I was 14 years old, and I would never forget her teal hair. Her red eyes. throughout the years people would still ask me, why do I still have her my waifu? I fought in the great waifu war.

Feelings were hurt. Dank Memes dropped.

I still have the scars of it.

However, waifus are like trends. They come. They go. Sometimes as quick as they came.

Despite all the years of sticking by her side. I have yet to find another Rei Ayanami.

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