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Ultimate King of Fuwa Battle Champion Series

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@VirginSmasher doesn't know shit and all the recent rating threads suck.

With my authority and expertise I declare this as the ultimate waifu rating fuwanovel thread. 

The one with the waifu I rate the highest will totally 100% become the next fuwa admin. I have the ability to do so. 



Begin, maggots. May the best loli waifu win! 


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11 minutes ago, Dergonu said:



3 minutes ago, Ranzo said:
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Obviously the right choice



A good girl is feminine, shy and adorable to look at. Like a flower or glass, you must be afraid of ruining it with your touch. -8 for temperament, +2 for body type and eyes. 4/10. 

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2 minutes ago, Seth said:

So how about our favorite hikikomori moon princess Kaguya?



I've been Kaguya for so long I basically see myself whenever I look at her. As I'm not fond of self-fellating, she'll get a strong 8/10. 


2 minutes ago, MaggieROBOT said:


9/10 design, -2 for being in konosuba. Has really great doujin though. Solid 7! 

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