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Forum Game: The ^,<,v thread. Rebirth Edition


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^ How freakin' violent and prejudiced they are. I want a world from those chill SoL anime, when everyone is just nice to each other. :'(

< I'm in this kind of useless, unproductive mood for the third day now...

v How do you motivate yourself to work when the whole world just screams that nothing you do is worth the effort?

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^ Is intersperses copulation achievable and if so what abomination would it produce?

<I'm at the right stage of drinking I'm still fluent and coordinated but more willing to discuss theories and other bullshit

V What in you mind is being too drunk? What constitutes a overindulgence of alcohol?

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30 minutes ago, MaggieROBOT said:

^ Currently nothing, but I just started my masters. In uni I hated anything geotechnics tho.

< I need more time to read manga...

v You're trapped in a harem anime and you're not the MC. What would you do?

^ I'd become a trap heroine, because really, what do I have to lose at this point? 

< I, on the other hand, need to stop watching and reading absolute crap, it's getting disturbing even for myself lately. 

v Why is watching/reading and reviewing tosh this much fun? :wacko:

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