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I can’t get clockwork let-line to open on any version

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Hello I bought the denpasoft version of clockwork ley-line and moved the files from the winrar file to a folder on my desktop. For some reason with this vn it won’t open, but instead goes to a black screen and just sits there likes it’s trying to load. I did get it to open this little message box one time with the option the open in full screen mode and when I did that it opened fine. I am trying to find out how to get it to open that box again or another way to get it to work properly. I have also tried the steam version with and without the patch and it also just opens to the black screen every time. 

My computer is on the latest windows 10 update. It’s is using windows vista x64. 

I don’t know if this matters or not but I have gone through the quarantined files and there isn’t any for the game in my antivirus and I turned it off. 

Thanks in advance Zach

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