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The FuwaSpammers Discord server! (now with more sodium)

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It's that time again! As we've done in the past every so often we post an invite for our server so that those who wish to join our now over one year old server can do so. While we're well aware we are not the "Official Fuwanovel Server", there are still reasons to join our "niche server" (now boasting almost a hundred members!).

Our amazing logo made by @Arcadeotic <3





Reasons to join this server Where to start??


1) We're a more laid back community (Vn talks, animu talks and so on)

2) Occasional voice chats

3) A karaoke every so often (sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, depends on demand)

4) A privately hosted Nadeko bot so we have flowers (gamble responsibly, don't be like @Kiriririri)

But it's not enough to convince you just by telling you about it, right? Well here's some interactions to expect:


- We've got Brits! 




- We've got edge!




- We've got depression! 




- But we also have love :maple:




This group is run by @Arcadeotic and Myself as it was born from one of our old pm groups on Fuwanovel so you can feel at home!


Link: https://discord.gg/wU3M6u6


Credits to : @HMN @Zakamutt @VirginSmasher @Asonn @AaronIsCrunchy @Forgetful Frank @Kiriririri @Chewy and all the love to them for appearing  in the images above with complete consent (not really)





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