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Fuwanovel Community Event- Battle Royale - V2!


Choose how the battle royale should work:  

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  1. 1. Last time the story had a mix of supernatural and non-supernatural elements. How should things be this time around?

    • Superpowers for the win! Make them melt each other's faces with magic!
    • Eh, let people bash each other's skulls in with maces and shit. No weird powers.
    • Why not both? MAXIMUM BRUTALITY!
  2. 2. Should deaths be limited only to fights between users, or should the environment also be a factor? (Examples, deadly traps, mazes, wild animals etc.)

    • Just people fighting each other. I WANT TO SEE X MURDER Y BRUTALLY, AHAHA!
    • Include environmental elements too! I want to see a flesh eating flower devour X alive! OHOHOHO!
  3. 3. Last time, some users had certain wild cards etc, which gave them two lives and so on. Should anything like that be included this time? (Who gets these would be decided by RNG.)

    • Hell no! That's cheating!

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EDIT: The game has started! Read chapter 1 here:

New chapters will be posted every Sunday!


Hey wonderful people of Fuwa! Today I'd like to invite you all to a fun little weekly community event I'll be hosting! I have done one of these in the past, and it was pretty well recieved! I have learned from some of the mistakes I made last time, and hope that this version will be even more fun.

For those of you who don't know, a while back I held a community event called "The Last GM Standing," which was a battle royale sort of story, pitting the users of fuwa against one another in a battle to the death. I wrote a chapter every week, where a random number generator chose who would fight who, and who'd end up victorious.
The last version did have a few problems though, with certain users getting less coverage than others, (Sorry @Arcadeotic) and the ending being very rushed due to me having exams and what not. I'd like to fix some of these mistakes this time around.

(You can read all of the Last GM Standing entries on my blog, if you are interested. Chapter 1 can be found here.)


Rules this time around

So, this time I'd like to make it simpler. Anyone who wants to join can, (just leave a reply in this thread,) and I'll put everyone in one arena, so no teams are involved this time. Depending on the number of participants, I'll kill off X people each week, (decided completely by RNG, like last time, so I personally have no control over who lives and dies— I just write the stories,) until only one person remains alive, and is crowned the winner.

I will put up a poll with this thread, where you guys can decide on the setting for the battle, and I'll adapt the story accordingly. I'll also make sure that each user gets covered equally when it is their turn to fight, so that some people don't feel left out/ underappreciated. (I'll have a set limit of words for each fight, so that everyone gets the same amount of coverage, and I'll try to make each fight as interesting as possible.)

I plan on doing the event the same way as before, by writing one chapter each week, (probably on saturdays,) and I will upload them to my own blog here on the site, and link it in this thread. For those only interested in whether or not you are still alive, you can scroll down to the bottom, where I'll put a neat overview of who died that week, and who remains alive.

Another thing that I will be doing differently is that you will be allowed to create your own personality. This is optional, so if you do not wish to do so, I will just make something up for you. But, if you want to be portayed in any specific way, (your personality, your clothing, your gender, your weapon of choice etc,) then leave some keywords with your comment.


I will leave the initial sign up peropd for this open for at least one week, (possibly longer,) so people have time to find it before the event starts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I will probably write up a neat Q&A page like I did with the last one.

Have fun killing each other! You don't get to say that every day. (/ω\)

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I fight using my penis as a fencing foil an ornamental golden-hilted dagger with a solid ruby blade that allows me to focus my magic energies. Or stab people because that's a thing you can totally do with a ruby dagger, maybe, I don't know how gems work.

I wear a shirt with the mysterious words "LAST CHANCE, IAN" upon it. Even fighting to the death, I just couldn't help using an obscure in-joke that isn't even fuwa-related.

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This should be fun. I'm joining in.

My personality is my very own, and my weapon of choice is a sword made of dark matter that can create and control it at will. My dark matter can be used to attack other users directly from all ranges or be used to create a defensive shield. Oh, and my ultimate attack is creating a black hole.

Other additional abilities include teleportation using dark matter.

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A new challenger steps up to the plate, at his approach dogs from the east coast, to the west coast, suddenly start baying loudly, and fondly. A fiery ice cream truck plays Dies Irae by Giuseppe Verdi on loop while the ice cream man screams and screams as he slowly burns. All of the children in the world start screaming as well because they have been taught at a early age that you must scream for ice cream.  Ranzo has arrived.

I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter; but I'm also a fighter, so don't get any ideas.

I definitely want a piece of the action.

Personality is arrogantly and aggressively psychotic with a little bit of introspectiveness thrown in for good measure. (Classic Ranzo) I'll be wearing a Zoot Suit and wielding a sabre and a scythe

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I remember missing the last one and feeling immeasurable despair, so I will join this one, to inevitably kill myself as per usual in Hunger Games simulators (don't ask why).

My weapons of choice would be dual blades, wakizashis of course. My personality would be that of a calculating individual, looking at all angles of the fight to win.

I wish you luck in writing another masterpiece.

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Just now, SeniorBlitz said:

BTW Dorg, will it have references to the previous saga? I'm always paranoid with relations. :sachi:

I figured I might have a fun easter egg in the beginning, (perhaps some relation to the previous losers and the current game,) but it will be its own thing. You don't have to read the other one to get into/ take part in this. (Unless you want to, of course.)

If I will make actual refrences to the previous one, I'll make sure I put a short summary of what went down back then in the beginning of this story.

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Aaaaah, this is wonderful. :3

I would like my personality to be psychotic and bloodthirsty, not mindless but taking delight at my enemy's suffering and trying to dominate them from the first moments of the battle.

My weapons of choice are dual-wielded sickles.


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Well, this sounds fun. Sign me in. :sachi:

2 hours ago, Dergonu said:

(your personality, your clothing, your gender, your weapon of choice etc,)

  • My personality... well, just make it my own. Wait, do I even have a personality? :michiru: Well, who cares? :mare:
  • My clothing... I don't really want to show my face to people even if it's fictional, so make it as covering as possible. :pyaa:
  • My gender... Well, I'm a guy, but Syu in my username originally belonged to a fictional character who is a girl, so... make me futa or something? :vanilla:
  • My weapon... Definitely cute girls! How am I supposed to fight with that? I don't know! :saber:

Well, have fun working with that! :holo:


If something of this doesn't suit the tone of your work feel free to change it, lol. :miyako:


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