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Introducing, the new FuwaRecognition team + jp learning group!

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Announcement explaining the FuwaFabulous blog here.

Today I'd like to announce the 4 new people joining the FuwaRecognition team! 

First of all, an old beloved member. VNTS commentator, blogger and general fuwa oldtimer, @Zakamutt!

As a second member, we have @Arcadeotic. Old fuwachat moderator (hey do you remember that?) and general Gahkthun lover (bleh) he's sure to give us wonderfully unique highlight options as expected of his wonderfully unique taste. 

Our third member is a dark horse. Converted from the evil spammer forces, the kyonyuu loving anti-moe knight, @VirginSmasher!

As another new addition we have fuwa's latest and greatest artist @EastCoastDrifter. His angle, speed and style aren't something a normal car can match! 

Of course, last but not least is good ol' me. But you knew that already, didn't you?

And together we are the Power Ran- ahem the FuwaRecognition Team, bringing you new highlights from our Fabulous Fuwa community every month! 


As secondary announcements, voting for the fuwa discord VN reading club has ended, and we'll be reading and discussing symphonic rain this month. We're also going to launch a JP-learning group soon, for complete newcomers and beginners. If you want to give a shot to learning japanese while real-time chatting with our fuwacommunity or just hang out and relax, now's the chance! We'll be starting this weekend! https://discord.gg/F79q4dp

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