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One Last Crane [Drama][Romance][School Life] – 94% FUNDED + DEMO RELEASED!

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After a long year of treatment without any positive results, Yuuki asks for his final wish: to return to his hometown and fulfill his promise to meet again with his childhood friend, Saki Nishimura. However, as always, things are hard for him.  

Saki no longer lives where she used to, and no one knows her whereabouts. The last hint Yuuki got was from the high school Saki had said she wanted to attend—Shimizu High School. Together with his adopted little sister, Mary, and his new tomboyish neighbor, Chihiro, Yuuki keeps searching for the girl, only to meet Asuka Fujimoto, the most popular girl at school, who happens to look like Saki.  


Sample CGs:



See more of our debut project right here!

DigitalEZ is an independent game localization, development, and publishing team. We work together with the most talented developers to produce heart-touching games to bring joy to you. Ever since our founding, we've collaborated with several indie developers and helped get their games published, all of which have received very positive reviews.
Blissful Work's is a new start-up indie development team that focuses on creating sweet and warm visual novels that can be enjoyed by our international audiences. Our studio is based in Indonesia, but we have people working together from all around the world. Our debut novel, One Last Crane, is a story that is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of one man’s journey as he struggles through his disease, still wanting happiness for his true love. We're very eager to develop this game as soon as possible. Our main goal is to bring bliss to the world through visual novels!

If there is something that interests or even bugs you, keep us in the know by replying in this thread! 

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14 minutes ago, Kiriririri said:

Some questions:

Which language is the game written in? 
Who handles the translations?
Are you massive weebs for using yens for your KS and driving away all the potential backers?
Why would you sell it on DMM too when DMM is so bad?

1. It will be written in EN and translated to JP, CH, INA

2. DigitalEZ will be handling the translations.

3. The post was handled from Tokyo, so the currency was set in yens by default. Of course, you can still donate in USDs as they will be converted into such. 

4. It's taken for granted for Japanese publishers to sell their games also in DMM. 


Also updated some things for more details about the devs. Thanks for the heads up! :meguface: 

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14 minutes ago, onorub said:

Is the choice system like Katawa Shoujo, where there is an affection system and a bad end for the common route, or is it simpler like Fruit of Grisaia?
The length is 10-20 per playthrough of for 100%'ing it?
Is the route order enforced in any way?

1. Yeah, it's pretty much the same as KS.

2. Complete VN playthrough could be around 10-20 hours in one sitting.

3. Good news: It's not. You can go straight to your best girl.

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On 23/03/2018 at 7:46 AM, milkteebaby said:

So...you're an Indonesian company, but taking money in JPY?? Is your company based in JP or something?


Good luck though, looks like you guys are going to hit your KS goal. 

I'll check out the demo this weekend and come back my thoughts :) 

Sweet! :meguface: 

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I've played the demo and I'll just leave my thoughts here in the open, also for other people that might be interested in supporting/following your project. The first impression wasn't bad, but:

1. There's some seriously awkward English in there, not sure if your writer is a native speaker, but either way, if the game is meant primarily for English-speaking audience, you should probably invest in a good editor, that will clean up the prose.

2. There are some awkward moments like the protagonist explaining that his relationship with his adopted sister is just one between siblings... Yeah, I would really scrap that and replace it with some details about her origins or something. The fact they're just brother and sister should go without saying, even in VN world, there are more interesting things to touch upon in such an introduction, like the fact that she's apparently a westerner. :)

Just tiny, technical things:

3. Escape instantly quitting the game with no warning is not fun. :P

4. The log would be nicer to use if it scrolled from the newest lines to older ones and not like it does now.

5. Right mouse-button doing the same thing as the left one is also a bit counter-intuitive, I really like when it opens the save screen in Ren'py games.

6. I still can't get past that apostrophe in "Blissful Work's"...

Anyways, I've supported your game with meagre $10, as I'm pretty broke right now, but good luck on your final push. :)

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Hi, I'm back! After playing the demo, I wanted to share my thoughts, but Lesiak pretty much said everything I wanted to. 

The things I liked: UI, character sprites, b/g art, CG scenes, sound

The things I liked less: Grammar, music transitioning, it's super weird not being able to right click and save


As a writer, the script was a little saccharine for my tastes. I'm not sure if the bad grammar and awkward phrases was done in a way to emulate the feel of a translated JVN, but it got a little annoying after a while. I found myself have to reread lines just to understand them. 

Some lines were kind of cringy. 

IE: "Saki, I must go far, far away from here." (who talks like that nowadays?)

These kids...they don't talk like kids. I'm not saying you should revert to "Googoo gaagaa" but having Saki say "You're the only one who has ever wanted to befriend me" is just odd. Why can't she just say, "You're the only one who wanted to be my friend"? Befriended is not a word people use normally, and especially not children. 


So...yeah. That's my thoughts. Artistically, the game looks/sounds great. Technically, as far as the writing goes, there's still work to be done :) 

But it looks great and I'm glad I got the chance to play the demo. Good luck!


PS: Don't tell people that the relationship between Yuuki and Mary is normal. Having to say that reminds of the quote "The lady doth protest too much." 

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