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Plk_Lesiak's 500 posts ROAST! [Everyone can join! No rules! No limitations!]


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Posting this on Monday afternoon is probably not the best possible moment, but it wouldn't feel this special if it wasn't the actual 500th post. The most creative/painful insults will receive honourable mentions after the thread dries out. Rewards are a possibility - I still have a few of those Humble Bundle keys to give away. :D


Hello there, Fuwanians and Fuwanettes!

It’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve written my first post on Fuwa forums. In this time I’ve produced an absurd number of 500 posts, more than 4 per day. I’ve been ever-present. I’ve been obnoxious. I’ve called you elitists and snobs. I’ve insulted your shitposting just after spamming meme-generator pictures in different topics. I’VE INSULTED YOUR PORN.

Now is your hour of revenge. Insult me! Let out your darkest thoughts and reach out to most twisted portions of your imagination! No mod will hold you accountable!

Let the roast begin! :nico:

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i must say this is quite the accomplishment, dude. 4 months on the site and 500 posts and i dont know who you are. well done. :sachi:


                                               See, what i did here was something called math. might want to look into it.

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After seeing your pic in the irl thread, I came to the conclusion that you'll never be hot no matter how much we tried to roast you. But I suppose I'll give it a shot anyways.

Kinda dumb how you made a 500 post thread with only 499 posts, but I suppose that's to be expected since yo mama is so stupid she spent twenty minutes lookin' at an orange juice box because it said "concentrate".

For real though dude, it's been a pleasure to have you around. Keep up the quality OELVN posts no one cares about!

Oh and feel free to fall into a ditch for insulting my porn.

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3 hours ago, Kenshin_sama said:


For real though dude, it's been a pleasure to have you around. Keep up the quality OELVN posts SeniorBlitz and probably Mag, maybe Ranzo... cares about!


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