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Fuwanovel Solar System Round Two

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Alright, since my first Fuwanovel Solar System thread was well-recieved, I think I'll be doing round two and start naming more stars and planets after users. However, this time, I'll be taking requests. This is so I do not leave out any more common users that I don't know about, and also to give anyone a fair chance.

K, the solar system I found in Space Engine contains 2 stars and 17 planets. That gives me 19 more options for naming. The first 19 users to post here will have a star or planet named after them.

Important Note: Multiple posts from the same user do not factor in the list. I'll only take the first post from each user on the thread. Also, anyone who already has a planet named after them from the first thread do not count.


-G8 V Yellow Dwarf - @MaggieROBOT

-K8 V Orange Dwarf - Fuwamember


-A1 Hot Ice Giant - Fuwamember

-A2 Hot Selena - @Thatcomicguy

-A3 Warm Gas Giant - @Mr Poltroon

-A4 Temperate Terra with Life - @URV

-A5 Cool Gas Giant - Fuwamember

-A6 Cold Ice Giant - @Ranzo

-A7 Cold Ice Giant - Fuwamember

-B1 Hot Desert - Fuwamember

-B2 Hot Gas Giant - Fuwamember

-B3 Hot Desert - Fuwamember

-B4 Temperate Ice Giant - Fuwamember

-B5 Cool Selena - Fuwamember

-B6 Cold Ice World - Fuwamember

-B7 Cold Ice World with Life - @Arcadeotic

-B8 Frozen Ice World - @VirginSmasher

-1 Frozen Gas Giant - Fuwamember

-2 Frozen Ice World - @finiteHP

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