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My little fanfic corner.

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Well. As someone who had dabble here and there with fanfic writing, I'd like to try my hand at writing fanfic for some VNs. But as it stands, the English speaking fandom for VNs is mostly nonexistence on fanfic boards like ff.net or Ao3, outside of a few popular series (and mostly, those are popular because of their anime adaption more than the original VNs).

So... May as well try it here. Wouldn't hurt, would it?

I can't say that I'm a good writer, nor I have any intention of seriously taking up writing. But I do hope my stuffs don't come off as too crappy.

So here we go?

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About Worm: It's a pretty popular web serial (as popular as these things go) about people with superpowers who probably shouldn't have superpowers. The specific of the story is pretty unnecessary as far as understand my fic goes, but if you want to check it out, be warned that the fic would have a big spoiler regarding the underlying mechanic of powers. I intend to do some short-ish stories for whichever VN happens to catches my liking at the moment. And anyway, here's everything you'd need to know about Worm as far as my fic goes:


Fragment of the fallen gods.

A Worm/ Visual Novels multi-cross.




Once upon the time, there was a grey planet.

On which, there was a single species. Worm-like creatures, they took to the light of their distant star for energy, and the organic compound diffused in the ocean of their aquatic world for material.

They grew, they bred, and they evolved.

As the species filled up the space of their world, they’ve developed the ability to shift between the layers of the cosmos. To explore, to invade the different versions of their own planets. To devour everything they came across.

Each and every single one of these worlds, in turn, became choked full with the creatures. They were so numerous that even though there were more worlds than there were particles in a universe, it was never enough.

And thus, wars broke out. The species turned on itself, each creature fought for itself. A complete bloodbath until only a handful remained on each world.

The reduction in number provided time for the worlds to recover, for preys to multiply, for the survivors to mend themselves.

For the circle to be ready to begin anew.

But, the system was inefficient. With each rotation, more and more worlds were rendered dead, more and more energy and matter unrecoverable lost in the conflicts.

And, they decided, they needed to change.

A proposal was made. Their species evolved through violent, through conflict. And they needed to evolve again, to survive.

The message was heard. And across all the worlds, the creatures turned on each other for one last time. Cannibalism. But this times, it was not for energy, but for matter, for information. They subsumed each other, incorporated their peers’ powers to themselves. Their massive struggle torn countless worlds apart, and yet they persisted.

The creatures grew in size as they shrank in number. Until all across the uncountable number of worlds, there were only 2 remained. Each so large they subsist not only in one planet, but spread out across all realities.

They spent time reorganizing themselves, shifting their mass into forms useful for another task.

Once they are reformed, they leech all of the heat and energy from countless worlds and concentrate it in a single reality.  The energy boiled the oceans, disintegrates the landmasses.

Their bodies formed into a large, complex shape, with only small fragments in this one world.  The extensions of those same fragments extent into other realms, in concentrated, specific shapes, made for a purpose: to survive the next step.

The energy is released, and the planet shatters.

The shattering is so extreme that it extends into other worlds, through the same channels that the fragments used to extend into other realities.  Every single one of the remaining habitable worlds is destroyed in the ensuing blast.

And the fragments radiated outwards, shedding and dropping their protective shells as they sailed into the black, empty void. To search for others habitable worlds.

Countless perished. Failed to reach their desired destination. But a few did.

A pair of them landed on a small world with hostile climates, unsuitable for the creatures. They found refuge in the native plant creatures. They, in turned, provided heat and energy for their hosts. And together, they grew, and they expanded.

They began testing. Their expansions focused on different aspects, provided the hosts with different capacities.

Some died, other thrived. They observed, and they recorded.

By experimenting on the hosts, they realized, they could gather information, learn new ways to harnessed its powers. And as they gathered more and more information, they continued to grow, to expand to every possible alternative version of this world.

Then, one day, once they had gathered enough information, they decided, they should move on. Using the same technique their parents had used, they absorbed all energy from the planets, killing the hosts in the process, and with the final detonation of all versions of the small planetoids, they launched themselves into space once again. To repeat the process for countless more times…

Three thousand circles later. The pair made their ways towards a small blue orb orbits a yellow star. Here, they would grant their powers to the local bipeds, to those in great distress, those who would not have the best judgment at the moment the Entities’ tendril takes root.

Those who would go on, and sow more conflicts. Confliction breeds creativity, creating more data, servers their purpose. They would focus on one single plane of existence, one most brimming with tension, but stable enough to consume itself too fast. But, here and there, when the occasion arise in a different reality, they would take it.

And, after they got enough, they would move on once again, destroying every iteration of the planet.

Their plan, fortunately for the host species, would failed for a variety of reason. But this is not that story…


First stop: Swan Song.

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Swan Song: 1.0




Everything was on fire.

The girl tried to move. Her leg hurt. She had been hiding in the building when the bad men set it on fire, too terrified to move. She should have come with the prophet when they were evacuating, but she didn’t want to leave her sister behind, and sneaked away to stay. Amidst the confusion, nobody noticed that she was missing.

It had been scary. Too scary. At first, she could hear people, their people, shouting outside. Mobilizing, preparing. She could even hear the voice of her sister here and there, but she was not entirely sure.

Her sister. Ever since that day, when the earth shook, and their house broke apart, crushing their mother and their little brother beneath the ceiling, when the two of them made their way to the nearby bar, where her dad had gone to earlier, and found that it had been swallowed by the Earth, they had been staying together.

They were lost, left wandering the ruins of their hometown, scavenging whatever left from their neighbor to survive. They had always been hungry, and the small stove they used for heating was barely enough to keep them warm at night. She thought that they were going to die, and Nii-san always had a sad look on her face.

It had finally changed when they got found by the prophet’s people. She didn’t understand much of what they said, but they brought the sisters back to a nice place. They were given food and clothes, and she could see her smiling again. People had called her sister plain, but she had enough charm to have a few boys kept bothering them on their walk back home together after school. And their mother had always said that that smile of hers shines like the sun. And for her, that was enough.

She continued to drag herself forwards, she could feel the heat bearing down on her, surrounding her. The air was thick with smoke, it made her eyes felt like they were burning, and each breathe felt like it was scalding her lungs. She could barely saw ahead. She could’ve ran out had she not broke her left ankle when she tripped herself in panic earlier. How embarrassing! She thought, nii-san would scold her for being so careless, and she laughed a little, despite herself. The laugh choked her up, and she coughed up loudly.

She was barely aware of what was happening outside. She thought she could hear people laughing and screaming. But the girl was so focused on getting out of here, she didn’t pay any attention to them.

She couldn’t die here, she wanted to see nii-san again. She tried again to drag herself up with her arms, but it hurt to move them. The exposed skin felt hot, and touching them was painful. She coughed again, her head had started to feel dizzy from a while ago, and it was not getting better. She was so close, only a few steps away from the door…

Then suddenly, the door burst opened.

Through her bleary eyes, she could make out the shape of a man. She couldn’t hear what he said, but his voice sounded rough, and his laugh sounded cruel.

The man grabbed her arm and dragged her out. The girl cried out as she was pulled, her burned skin and her sprained leg hurt, until suddenly she could feel the cold air and snowy ground outside.

She tried to blink. She could see more clearly now. Her head still felt dizzy, but at least she could tell what was going on. The man was talking with a few others, still grabbed on her arm. They were laughing. She still couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Until she heard a familiar voice. Someone was calling her name.

She turned around to look.

It was her sister. She was screaming the girl’s name, tears were flowing from her large brown eyes, her straight black hair had become an unkempt mess. Nii-san’s clothes had been torn off, the white garment was barely hanging on her body, her legs and crotch were exposed, and there was another large, burly man stranding on top of her, holding her down. Nii-san tried to kick him off, but the man didn’t bulge. He raised his hands into fists, and started to repeatedly punching down on her face.

The girl felt helpless. She tried to scream out to her sister, to stop the bad men from hurting them. But she found no strength left. She tried to pull her arm away from the man holding it, but she couldn’t.

The man threw her backward, flipped her laying up. Then he was on top of her, his large, ugly arms wrapped around the collar of her shirt. She tried to raise her arms, to hit him in the face, to push him off, but the feeble attempts just made him laugh.

Then, she saw them.

To call them enormous would be an understatement. They were big in a different way from a house or a mountain was big. They were so large that there was simply no word to describe their sheer size. Big enough that they couldn’t, that there was simply no way for them to exist. Like their very beings defiled the very laws of nature, stretching out not only in this plane of existence but onto the next, and the next one.

The two beings were moving through the void, dancing, twisting, reshaping themselves, as their outer most layers were breaking apart, like a ginormous dandelion in the wind, their seeds more numerous than all the stars on the sky in a moonless night…

…And then, she was here again. On the cold, hard ground of the compound, surrounded by men, by screams of pain and cruel laugher, by the air stink of blood and of burning wood, paper, and flesh.

She looked up. Her head felt clearer now, she could see the man on top of her. He was around more than twenty, slightly older than her sister, if she had to guess. His hair was uncut, rough and dirty. He had an ugly looking mustache, his face puzzled.

She realized, she had probably blacked out for a moment there. And as she regained her composure, so did he.

The man began to try to tear her clothes off again. But, this times, she noticed a small knife fastened on his belt.

It was a small kitchen knife, with relatively short blade and a yellow plastic handle. It was dirtied, and looked dull. The men probably did not have enough good weapons for everyone, the girl thought.

She didn’t know why, but she reached out and grabbed the knife, pulling it back, and she moved.

In an instant, a fraction of a fraction of a second, she could feel it.

She was everywhere.

As the girl reappeared five meters away, she remembered.

She remembered the feeling of having thousands of pair of eyes and ears and arms, of feeling and seeing and acting with uncountable shadows of herself existing all at once, occupied every single point of space in-between where she had been lying down a moment earlier.

Of the feeling of those iterations tearing into the young man, just a single swing, a single small cut each. But as countless copies struck, they added up.

He was laid down on the ground, the right half of his chest was almost gone. Blood was gushing out from the massive hole where his lung was. His right arm was tossed aside, lying on the ground. His body was twitching violently. His mouth grasping desperately for air, the unconscious reflex kicked in regardless of the futility of the action.

Pieces of meat, bones and blood sprayed out all across the surrounding area.

It took a few seconds for the others to realized.

The other men stared blankly at the dead man, couldn’t seem to comprehend what just happened. A sudden silent descended upon the crowd. Their faces, a mixture of shock and horror. Then, slowly, they finally saw her.

The girl was standing now, but she left leg was still sprained, so she still couldn’t walk. But, as some of the men uncertainly raised their weapons: blades, sticks, and even a few guns, she knew what she had to do.

And she moved, again.

And there was screaming.



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