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[COMPLETED] Demo! Relentless: Visual Novel

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Hi guys! Figured this would be a good place to share updates on my first and latest vn project. Since it's being created as part of my senior thesis, the demo will be out by the end of april, so look out for it! I hope to continue after graduation and complete the game in full with all 3 endings if I can get the support to do so. 

Project updates are posted here: https://relentless-vn.tumblr.com/ 

As always I'm very open to feedback once the demo is released because I really want to create the full game as best as I possibly can. 

Information about Relentless: Visual Novel:

Play along as a young noblewoman living in the Great Steam Era of Amaranth. Nothing, not even your over-controlling step-father can prevent you from experiencing the joys of perusing the city night-life. Or can it? Not everything is as it seems in the complex world of the nobility and you find yourself suddenly thrust into the underbelly of something big..something only a select few know about. 

3 Total endings

Ages 16+ for mature language/topics

Genre: Steampunk fantasy/mystery


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Hey guys! I completely forgot to post about it here but I completed my visual novel demo, Relentless! You can play it here for free: https://cloudnovel.net/rambitious/novel/relentless *


If you play it and like what you see, please consider supporting the creation of the full game by joining my exclusive Patreon community!  Join here: https://www.patreon.com/rambitious and get all the cool perks associated with your tier! 

*Note: The visual novel demo will not load on browsers other than chrome (though this will be an issue that's fixed in the future)

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