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Where are all you gamers at?

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That's right, I left you all without a new daily thread of my shitposting yesterday. What are you gonna do bout it huh? :makina:

So all you weebs and weebettes. I am dragging you out of your mom's basements, setting your semen covered waifu pillows ablaze and bringing your sorry acne covered arses out into society... Gaming society that is. Forgot all fresh air and sunlight nonsense. 

So I'll start by showing you da wae by leaving my tags below for you all to add.

#DeadMemesMakeDreams :OurLordAndSavior:

Xbone - ThatC0micGuy 

Steam -  That Comic Guy

I don't use my PS4 anymore so I'll leave that out. It's your turn now sheeple.:meguface:

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My Steam account was about games once... Now it's just a testament to my fall into extreme weebness.

I share it with my brother, who mostly just plays some online games once in a while, but I don't think he ever checks out our user page. Otherwise, he would call for an exorcist by now. :sachi:

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