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What's the most awkward thing to happen to you while reading a VN?


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So, during my freshman year at college, I lived on campus, where we were pared off in 2s and given a room each. We'd have a bed and desk on each side of the room, and my roommate and I would spend most of our time sitting in our chairs, back to back. I'm also a fairly large guy, so I figured my back would block my roommate's vision, so often just played VNs on my laptop. I'm pretty sure he caught me at least once while playing X Change Alternative and on an H scene, though.

Eventually I decided that I should just play VNs on my bed with the back of laptop to him.

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I remember reading through my first H-Scene in Grisaia. Problem is, I had my computer speakers on max, and my parents could hear it from my room. They questioned me if I was watching porn, but I denied their claims quickly, and came up with an excuse that a friend showed me a joke video. After that, I always put on headphones whenever reading H-Scenes. My parents are really old-fashioned, so if they had caught me reading H-Scenes, they would've scolded me big time, and probably would've deleted all VNs off my computer.

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I remember feeling rather awkward watching my first H scene ever. I just had to pick Amane (from Grisaia) as my first route ever. And she's a bit more kinky and hardcore then pretty much any heroine I've read so far. Ehehe :amane:

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On 10/2/2018 at 1:47 AM, VirginSmasher said:

My dad walked in on me fapping to a h scene. He only noticed the fapping luckily and didn't notice the h scene. Hence I can continue with my degenerate hobby.

My mom once told me that I should make sure I'm alone when I touch myself. I was confused about that, but then I realized she must have seen me earlier that day and I didn't realize and just continued. Considering the viewing angle she must have had, she must have been able to see my size and everything. As awkward as it was, it had nothing to do with VNs.

On 11/2/2018 at 1:57 AM, Silvz said:

I told this story once in a similar thread, but it is always good to remember when I was reading Cross Channel and felt asleep during the first girl's sex scene, just to wake up with my family walking around my room.

I tried something like that as well. My mom woke me up in the afternoon/early night after I had apparently been asleep for a few hours. I instantly realized Musumaker was still running full screen and I screamed. She was then convinced she woke me up from a nightmare (she woke me up to one). Realizing what was on the screen was Suika in her room saying something innocent, I stopped screaming and agreed about the nightmare thing. I don't think she ever noticed what was on the screen. When I woke up, I thought it was a H scene for some reason, but I have no idea why. Maybe I just prepared for the worst.


Another time I was browsing the net with my parents (or just mom?) and something weird happened in the background and suddenly I had a window in front with some topless 2D girls. My mom was "what is going on" and I just killed the window and said "apparently some prankster has hacked one of the servers we visited". She then went on about people misbehaving online and stuff. To this day I have no idea why my background script suddenly woke up and decided to tell the browser to open a new window in the foreground showing a random page from gelbooru, which I had never seen before. The script died that day because it wasn't even doing what it was supposed to do (which was... I forgot. It wasn't important).

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