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Introducing our new staff members!

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A warm welcome to our three new additions to the staff team. They have been very active members of our community through the years, always jumping in and helping newcomers with their questions and to find their next VNs to read, as well as already having some experience being part of the fuwa staff, in the case of the notorious knight of Varela. Glad to have you on board, @Mr Poltroon@Clephas and @Dergonu.


I'd also like to announce we have upgraded @Zenophilious to a global moderator, making it the first addition to our team since forever now. His nonstop work in moderating the forums with me these past few years have more than earned him the spot, and with this lineup, I'm sure we'll have no moderation problems for a long time to come.

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1 hour ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

I always wondered why those 3 weren't mods already, congrats on making things as they should be. ;)

I told you @Zander:P 

Grr! I spent a while cooking up my application, too. I thought I had a chance against Clephas at least since his entire application was ostensibly just "Me.", but I can't argue against the three that were ultimately chosen. They are all fine candidates, and with that in mind I rest easy knowing that when I am inevitably banned for shitposting, the blow will be struck by someone I respect.

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I see that apparently there's no more 'Elite Four of Fuwanovel', because right now we have five global moderators lol.

Well, too bad though that I wasn't chosen as the board mod. Although seeing that become the mods mean more responsibilities, I guess I should be glad that I'm not one of the mods here. Anyway, my hope was more or less still the same though that the mods would maintain this site as the public area, but then again perhaps the mods already realized that in the first place maybe I won't need to say it any more.

That aside, congratulations for the new mods here and I'll spammed post a video here which is definitely not Evangelion, because it's too mainstream. Here's the video, and let's just ignore the fact that it's mostly used for the wedding song lol.

PS - In regard of the development, I'm gonna try to call the mods as call mod Dergonu, mod Clephas, and mod Mr Poltroon in the future.

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