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Aid me in the search for Quality Content.........for my panel.

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So here's the deal, I run a visual novel panel (18+ of course) at my local anime con and I used up a fair chunk of my joke h-scenes the previous two years I held my panel, so I need some help finding some quality H-scenes. The restrictions are that the h-scenes must be voiced, must be translated, must be humorous in tone, must not include lolis, and must be able to be auto read/ skipped through in 10-20 minutes.

For example my first year I showed the weird awkward threesome in the fate/stay night that was replaced with the CG dragon in the Deen adaptation followed by the second Rin H-scene in Cartagra. This is where the must be voiced stipulation came into play because the audience reaction to the fate/stay night scene seemed to be really hampered by the lack of voice acting.  Audience reaction to the Cartagra scene was phenomenal though.:meguface:

Then for the following year I went through the h-scene in Ayakashibito where there's a random threesome in the enemy base and finished it off with the Lavie H-scene from Eden. (Why would you call the 18+ version plus mosaic if they censor the protags D in a completely different way?) :wahaha:

Just so guys know I go through scenes other than H-scenes, it's just I'm not really a Nukige person so my library of dumb sex scenes isn't exactly huge. Well then again........If there's any particular normal scene that fits in my time restrictions feel free to put that in too.  I have 4 months to prepare, so looking into more content shouldn't really be an issue for me. Genres are not really an issue, since I show just about anything, BL and Yuri included. ;)

Many thanks for any help, no matter how small.

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Grisaia No Meiyuu has a comedy rape scene, though the girl was actually half willing (after being ravaged a lot, said girl tries to crawl away, but is slowly dragged back in). Also has a scene with one girl (Michiru) that has 2 souls inhabiting her body (so it's an odd threesome scene). Also, less then 30 seconds into Yumiko's after story, you see her in a bunny suit (which for her, is extremely out of the ordinary).

Grisaia no Kajitsu had a hilarious (and VERY arousing) scene, that wasn't even a H scene. At the beach, Michiru ends up getting 'fingered' through the sand, and her swimsuit, by the maid. Michiru doesn't enjoy it at all (but her screaming was hilarious).

Kotori's 2nd scene (If my Heart Had Wings), had a comedic start (it even had the game's comedy music playing). Her reaction was priceless xD

Dal Segno had a Softcore H scene in Io's route. She flips out when she suddenly realizes she's lost all of her clothes. And the morning after, she attempts to 'admonish' the protag, but her panties are visible the whole time. She flips out again when she's told. And she has another embarrassing panty incident the next day (she gets stung on her Thigh, and she's forced to lift her skirt while the protag applies cream).

Technically not a H scene per say, but Clannad had a funny moment. In Tomoyo's route, the protag on 3 seperate times, "imagines" having his way with her in the kitchen. In his imagination, it ends badly for him every time, as he's immediately stabbed in the forehead by a random object (the 3rd time, it was a radish xD). Protag is like "This is how it ends, AGAIN!?".

Katawa Shoujo had an awkard anal scene with Emi. At LEAST 5 times after that, they say "we are NEVER doing anal again!".

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Professor Dave's Station had some funny ones (Makina's mom one ##!!??)

Try most H from Ultimate Boob War 2

If you don't mind laughing at how bad something is, rather than anything the characters say try literally any H by Key.

Kokoro H from majikoi was funny and Margaret's was hilarious (majikoi S) [ *wan wan*]

+1 on emis anal scene, (when she finds banana lube I died)

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Thank you @Akshay and @r0xm2n for the suggestions!

I'll look into those titles. I've been meaning to read Grisaia and actually finish Katawa Shoujo anyways.  I totally remember that part from Clannad, but I think I'll probably use either a Fuko scene or a Yukine scene (Obvious best girl) if I use anything from Clannad. Speaking of Clannad I'm still recovering from finishing that behemoth last year so I don't think I've recovered enough Stamina to finish another long winded Key title. (I might check out Harmonia, though.)

I think Ultimate boob wars might be my gold mine though. That's definitely going to be an experience to get through, since I normally stick to more story focused VNs and it'd be first actual nukige. Maybe I should pick up one of the short nukiges from Mangagamer too, especially since I always make fun of them every time I go over their catalogue during the panel. Now should I get Please bang my wife, Tasty shafts, or Suck my D or die. hmmmmmmmm Decisions, decisions :maple:

Also do I need to read D.Capo to get into Dal Sengo, or is it more like a spiritual successor to the D.Capo series?

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On 1/19/2018 at 7:35 AM, Kaykeiokay said:

Also do I need to read D.Capo to get into Dal Sengo, or is more like a spiritual successor to the D.Capo series?

As for Dal Segno, it's more or less the latter so you didn't really need to read Capo if you interested with Dal Segno - you could read Dal Segno first.

For the scenes, I think that it's good if you're just focused on Mangagamer old nukige because those VNs were quite short just like you said. There's also Beat Blade Haruka in which it was quite a lot in regard of that, although you might be already checked that VN.

Good luck in regard of your panel later.

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Koihime Musou's got a great scene where Sei doesn't know as much about sex as she thinks she does, so she thinks they're about to have a pillow fight.

There's apparently a scene in Newton and the Apple Tree where one of the (mad scientists) girls uses a potion which swaps around sex organs, so she gets your dick and you get her pussy.  Then she fucks you.  I'm not sure, but it might be in the demo.

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Thanks for the clarification @littleshogun. I'm sure that panel will turn out fine. Now hopefully the con won't screw me over with the scheduling like they did last year.  My time slot was competing with 2 other super popular 18+ panels as well as massive celebrations for Canada day since last year was Canada's 150th anniversary.  I went from an audience of like 60-80 people down to one of 30-40. (I don't feel too bad about that though since the panel for the con's official podcast only had 3 people show up. Now if my attendance was that low, I think I'd cry) :makina:

Thank you @Nandemonai! I don't think I'll have time to fit in Koihime Musou but I'll definitely keep it in mind for next year, I'm going to check out that demo for Newton and the apple tree, though.:maple:

I have everything bought and installed, so my game plan is to tackle them in this order, Tasty Shafts, Katawa Shoujo, Boob Wars, Harmonia, Va-11hall-a, Newton and the Apple tree (demo), and finish with Grisaia. I had to add Va-11hall-a to my list because my of my attendees was adamant that I play it and for Harmonia I just wanted to meet my quota of one key title per year. This is going to be quite the intense VN reading session, if only real life wouldn't get in the way that much. Ahahahaha........

I'll start a new thread after my panel is all done with and fill you guys in on all the juicy details. :sacchan:

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