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Shouldn't the old guides be somewhere on the site?

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hmm this guide specifically is from the old site, way before fuwa transitioned to the .net domain, and is kind of outdated since many VNs nowadays work in any locale as they get localized.

If you have windows 10, I'm pretty sure the settings are similar to 8's and you just need to do it if you're playing something from before ~2013 or a fan translated patch of a japanese-only game.

Now, if you are looking for other information besides this, just ask :D

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I think its influence has decreased somewhat.

Going by my 4 years of presence in the scene, a lot more people are initiated into visual novels through either Steam or gameplay/VN hybrids, especially on console.

I feel that nowadays people who decide to get more deeply involved in the VN medium can usually google what they need, especially since they probably won't start off by legally importing their first fan translated games.

Not that that's an excuse for this guide not being on the new site (if it isn't), but I think that's the reason no one's asked about it here before you.

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