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How good is Phantom Trigger

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I just finished all of the main Grisaia Trilogy, including all the short stories. And today I came across the Grisaia:phantom trigger series, which happens in the aftermath of Rakuen, with a new cast of characters. 

To people who have played this, how does it compare to the original trilogy, or even the first game in terms of both plot and characters?

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It uses the same world and the organizations built from the ruins of the ones Yuuji worked for, but it is significantly more focused on the assassination/spy issues.  The school Yuuji and the others used to attend has become a training camp for agents, and the main characters are the best of those, kids who are actually already being sent out on missions.  There is a lot of killing in these games and a lot of the stuff with the organization that was mostly glossed over in the original trilogy is laid out rather bluntly.

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I read through each of them in an hour and a half to two hours... I imagine that most people would manage to do so in three.  The series is episodic, not heroine/romance-focused.  Each volume covers an incident, mission, or episode in the characters' lives, at least so far.

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