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Visual novels with emotionless heroines?

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7 hours ago, ittaku said:

Emotionless for the entire time or just kuudere which means they eventually break out some dere response?

Yeah most VN's don't stay true to the whole emotionless thing.They start out cold, but they warm up to the protag eventually, spilling out the deep *insert emotional reason* for their trauma and why they are emotionless/cold, before they protagonist saves them. I guess Yumiko is kinda emotionless, and she is goddamn adorable when she goes dere.

Edit - A lot of people go emotionless/semi-emotionless from guilt or trauma. If you don't mind it like that, Kaori from Ayakashibito may work. Also Hisoka from Comyu is emotionless throughout, though she is only explored in her route. 

If you don't mind just shy rather than emotionless maybe hanako from katawa shoujo could work as wel;.

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Probably no such thing as an emotionless heroine (if there is one, she'd be a robot or AI). Some just come awfully close, and have a cold exterior. These tend to be Kuuderes, or Danderes.

Here are the ones I know about....

  • Yumiko (Grisaia series). Classic Kuudere, though her exterior is more prickly then usual.
  • Kazuki (Grisaia series). She's a super genius among super geniuses basically (her IQ probably exceeds 400). The random antics from the other girls are the only things that have ever even remotely flustered her slightly.
  • Hanako (Katawa Shoujo). Classic Dandere. Super shy, and she has her reasons.
  • Kotomi (CLANNAD). Another Dandere. She also has her reasons for being shy.
  • Yoru (If My Heart Had Wings). A genius loli kuudere, who seems a little sarcastic.

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Keep in mind that I'm classifying this as heroines that essentially have weak to nonexistent reactions to most everyday situations...

The twin kami from Akeiro Kaikitan

Semiramis no Tenbin's white-haired beauty Eru almost never reacts emotionally, for reasons that only get revealed in her own path.

Alice from Bloody Rondo has only weak emotional reactions.

Fuyu from Tsukiakari Lunch really doesn't have any emotions until after she's been in contact with the protagonist for a while.


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I wouldn't recommend Kazuki from Grisaia, as she is unflappable, but not emotionless. If that's fine too, though, she's great (she isn't a heroine per say, sadly).
Yumiko from Grisaia isn't emotionless. She's aggressive and dismissive to people that try to interact with her. If you're aware of the terms, she stands in the border between Kuudere and Tsundere. Admittedly, her route does a fantastic job at drawing out the dere, so the 'melting the ice queen' and the contrast is there.

That said, emotionless is a hard thing to come by. For the following recommendations I am going to take 'emotionless' to mean individuals whose emotions aren't readily apparent on their face.

  • Mio Nishizono from Little Busters! has an emotionless demeanour, but her words do often contain a lot of emotion. Just not in a way we'd easily 'get'.
  • Ayamine Kei from Muv-Luv Series. She's harder to understand than she is emotionless. It's not that she doesn't have them, she is just purposefully unclear with them, and doesn't let them show on her face.
  • Higuchi Haruka from Never7 can't easily express herself. It has been too long since I played this game, but I still hail her as my favourite 'emotionless' heroine.
  • Kindred Spirits has a number of characters that qualify, depending on your interpretation: Characters that don't show their real emotions, characters that are 'cool' (protagonist), characters that aren't good at expressing themselves...
  • Amamiya Natsume from Edelweiss could work. She is mysterious and not too emotional. I think she might not fit, though.
  • The titular Aselia from Aselia the Eternal is not very expressive for a greater part of the title, but she is emotional.
  • Kamidori Alchemy Meister... maybe? Due to the large number of characters, one is bound to fit. I have one in mind, though revealing her would technically be story spoilers. If you ever consider a gameplay heavy title like this one, know that some characters may satisfy you.
  • Eyuu*Senki for the same motives. There are well over 50 characters you can interact with, and some would be enjoyable. Don't play this just for a character, though! For your own good.
  • Both Okitsu Ai from Yumina the Ethereal fits... maybe? She is so nonsensical that it's impossible to get a grasp of her emotions. So... here's another gameplay title if you're interested.
  • Morichita Michiru from Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate would be... shy? Doesn't reveal her true emotions easily.
  • Ritusko from Princess Evangile is good at keeping her feelings out of her decisions. Because she is generally more detached from the main cast in this game, she seems more unapproachable and we know her less, compared to other characters. This all leads up to the main characters eventually knowing each other better and some good dere.
  • As much as it pains me to recommend it, Koiken Otome's Kamishiro Touko. She is meant to be an emotionless character, but it's the worst attempt I have seen, ever.
  • Satomura Akane in One ~To the radiant season~. But I don't even remember if I ever finished her route...

With these characters, your mileage may vary. They should all fit in some way: either from generally neutral sprites and voice or from hiding their emotions.

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Maybe Kohaku from Shinikiss? Other than that there's Hisui from Tsukihime in case you still didn't play that yet - funny that we also have Kohaku in Tsukihime as well, Mai from Kanon, and if you're willing to deal with convoluted DVD player format there's Ein from Phantom of Inferno. Hope the recommendations would be help.

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try KoiNatsu. There's a Coodere heroine in that VN.
If you're into shounen-style stories, you might like Koiken Otome as well. Touko is a perfect Coodere Example.


A pretty famous (or, should I say, Infamous) Coodere character is Aoi Isuzu from Hoshimemo. I must warn you: I never played her route (actually, I dropped the whole VN for...reasons) but they say that Aoi Isuzu's route is pretty bad.


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