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Akimoto Masato

sorry for being dead, and a question involving my dogs health

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24 minutes ago, MaggieROBOT said:

If his dog die, I'm blaming all of you guys for murder by proxy (except Lesiak and maybe HMN bc I don't know who he's trying to report)


*Send good vibes to Akimoto's dog*

But you always blame me for murder by proxy.

Plus, how do I even know it's even a real dog it could be all a elaborate ruse in order to steal our vital organs.



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2 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Is your dog a vampire?

Perhaps, I haven't really tried to identify it since I will accept it nonetheless just as how it will always accept me even if I turn out to be the SCUM OF EARTH

2 minutes ago, Zander said:


This is a really important point of info, thanks for stressing about it

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36 minutes ago, Akimoto Masato said:

dogs can’t have onions and the damn thing was 75% onion actual responses would be helpful

If it didn't die yet it'll be fine, dogs shouldn't eat it, but unless they get an alergic reaction right away (and you'd notice it) nothing horrible should happen.

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