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whenever i try to open hatsukoi via the launcher, it says this:

Hatsukoi 1/1
[2018/01/09 14:32:11.0967] 


[Support Info]
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and closes. but, ive deleted the save data and it still says this?

japanese locale, windows 10,... anything else i should put?

Thank you to anyone who answers!!

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43 minutes ago, Tyrael said:

Did you apply the english patch? I believe that comes with its own seperate launcher and a bunch of other files which you need to use instead of the original ones.

thanks for the answers you two!!!

i did apply the english patch, and

43 minutes ago, Zenophilious said:

Have you tried a fresh install yet?  I've had random issues with other VNs that were solved by reinstalling.

yeah, i have. :(

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I don't own this game, but did you tried to install in another place? Meaning, outside the Program Files folder? Every time I install some VN in this folder in Win10, weird stuff happens.

Also, check if your save folder isn't in "Read only" and try to run the game as administrator.

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