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Favorite vn: Saya no Uta and Shingakkou ~Noli me Tangere~

Favorite route: UBW (F/SN) and Neil's (Shingakkou)

Favorite loli: Kia (Inganock)

Favorite kyonyuu: Don't like them very much, but I kinda liked Mia from Oujou no Abaddon

Favorite shota: All of them, pls don't call the police. Nanashi from 1bit heart

Favorite best girl: Aka Saber (Fate/EXTRA)

Favorite art style: Sekien no Inganock

Favorite genre of vn: I read pretty much anything that's not moetrash

Favorite "dere" type: Dandere, obviously

Favorite yuri game: Nurse Love Addiction

Favorite  non- canon pairing: Any galge MC and his bro

Favorite side character: Can't remember any, but I so wanted a route with Wong in Omerta...

Favorite otome game: Code Realize (yeah, I'll be a casual here)

Favorite best boy: Archer (F/SN)

Favorite translation: Danganronpa 1's fan translation

Favorite OELVN: Y;N

Favorite trap: The one from Danganronpa (Is it even a spoiler at this point?)

Favorite jrpg: Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne

Favorite waifu: I prefer husbandos, but if I have to pick any Mitsuru from Persona 3

Favorite imouto: My own Nao from Nurse Love, but I seriously hate imouto romantic routes

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? Neko and Usagi

Favorite BL: Shingakkou ~Noli me Tangere~

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Favorite vn: Grim Fandango.

Favorite route: There's this really cool road nearby with beautiful trees on both sides of the road. It's my favourite route to the supermarket.

Favorite loli: I don't eat lollipops often, but I think I like yellow-coloured ones the most.

Favorite kyonyuu: Hennessy.

Favorite shota: Rambo. He shota the shit outta his enemies.

Favorite best girl: Weber Spirit E-310 3-Burner.

Favorite art style: Anything byor reminiscent toSalvador Dalí.

Favorite genre of vn: Anything involving deception, mystery, or elements that can be left to the player's interpretation.

Favorite "dere" type: Roe deer.

Favorite yuri game: I don't know any games by Yuri Gagarin.

Favorite  non- canon pairing: While I do prefer cannons, I think a Brown Bess and a Charleville Musket go nicely together.

Favorite side character: Han Solo.

Favorite otome game: Skyrim. It has some pretty cool tomes.

Favorite best boy: My dog, Brutus. He's a really good boy!

Favorite translation: I think "I came; I saw; I conquered" is a pretty solid translation of "Veni, vidi, vici".

Favorite OELVN: The Devil on G-String.

Favorite trap: The famous Trojan Horse that the Greeks used to infiltrate Troy.

Favorite jrpg: The Witcher 3.

Favorite waifu: My neighbor's. He has some pretty damn fast wi-fi.

Favorite imouto: "The Moat Around Murcheson's Eye" by Larry Niven.

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? Dragon types.

Favorite BL: The Philippine Arena has this really straight and beautiful line right in the middle.

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3 minutes ago, r0xm2n said:

I'll add a few question types.....


Favorite 'Violent" girl: Kyou (CLANNAD). Bonus points for throwing dictionaries with remarkable skill, and having a demonic death glare....

Favorite Airhead: Michiru (Grisaia)

Favorite 'Super Genius': Amane (IMHHW). Actually, she's a somewhat eccentric, airheaded super genius ..... with big breasts xD

Favorite Male sidekick: Sunohara (CLANNAD). Though he does kinda tick me off at times too...

Best Dialogue: Makina (Grisaia), EASILY. Though Sachi (Grisaia) comes somewhat close....

Favorite 'unlucky idiot': Honestly, I can't pick between Sunohara (CLANNAD), and Michiru (Grisaia). They both have chronic bad luck....

Most Lewd Heroine: Can't pick between Sachi (Grisaia), Amane (Grisaia), and Mihiro (Wagamana High Spec)

ok... I am a naughty copier :makina:

Favorite -dere: Tohsaka Rin (Fate Stay Night)

Favorite Airhead: Kawakami Kazuko (Majikoi)

Favorite 'Super Genius': Sion (Eden*)

Favorite Male sidekick/'unlucky idiot': Sunohara (Clannad)

Best Dialogue: Nikola Tesla (Gahkthun) or Miyako (Majikoi)

Most Lewd Heroine: Miyako (Majikoii)

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Favorite vn: if my heart had wings

Favorite route: kotori habane's

Favorite loli: cro from chrono clock

Favorite kyonyuu: isis from kyonyuu fantasy

Favorite shota:

Favorite best girl: kotori habane

Favorite art style: katawa shoujos

Favorite genre of vn: slice of life

Favorite "dere" type: kuudere

Favorite yuri game: https://vndb.org/v16377

Favorite  non- canon pairing: no clue what this is

Favorite side character: gen-san from majikoi

Favorite otome game: eh

Favorite best boy: naoe yamayo

Favorite translation: if my heart had wings. :makina:

Favorite OELVN: Katawa Shoujo

Favorite trap: kannagi yumma from bishoujo mangekyou tsumi to batsu no shoujo

Favorite jrpg: persona 4 golden

Favorite waifu: kotori habane

Favorite imouto: shigure from nekopara

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? nekos!!! \ :sacchan: /

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Favorite vn: Everlasting summer

Favorite route: I'd say Vega & Altair from Steins gate 0

Favorite loli: Yoru Kazato, from Konosora

Favorite kyonyuu: Not really fond of them, so i'll just say Amane Suou

Favorite shota: nope

Favorite best girl: Alisa Dvachevskaya (Everlasting summer)

Favorite art style: probably any Pulltop game, i've only played 2, though

Favorite genre of vn: I have 3 of them that i can't decide which i like more (Sci-fi, fantasy, battle of wits/mystery)

Favorite "dere" type: Don't know, i like different type of characters in every VN, but based on majority of my preferences, i'd say tsundere

Favorite yuri game: nope

Favorite  non- canon pairing: i don't exactly know what this one is supposed to mean

Favorite side character: Akio Furukawa

Favorite otome game: nope

Favorite best boy: is this about the MC? If so, then Morita Kenichi

Favorite translation: can't say, i don't know japanese

Favorite OELVN: Everlasting summer

Favorite trap: don't play VNs with traps

Favorite jrpg: don't play them

Favorite waifu: same like best girl

Favorite imouto: no incest here

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? Wolfgirls

Favorite BL: nope


I think you should have added favorite soundtracks

Edited by Zidan209

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Favorite vn: MUV-LUV Alternative

Favorite route: Yukidoh route, Remember11

Favorite loli: -

Favorite kyonyuu: -

Favorite shota: Yuni

Favorite best girl: Yuuko Kouzuki

Favorite art style: Remodernized 90's style: EVE burst Error remake

Favorite genre of vn: Science-fiction

Favorite "dere" type: tsundere?

Favorite yuri game: Akai Ito 

Favorite  non- canon pairing: -

Favorite side character: Miyo Takano

Favorite otome game: Code Realize

Favorite best boy: Maou

Favorite translation: -

Favorite OELVN: whut? There is no such things, don't corrupt my mind with such dangerous information

Favorite trap: Mikoto Yoroi

Favorite jrpg: Kiseki saga

Favorite waifu: Ushiromiya Rosa

Favorite imouto: Takashiro Nana

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? Fennec, potentially speaking.

Favorite BL: Togainu no chi

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Favorite vn: To this day it's still Comyu

Favorite route: This is really hard since I have way too many that I like( given lots of thought probably I could come up with one.)

Favorite loli: MayuMayu from Comyu

Favorite kyonyuu: @HMN

Favorite shota: @Chewy

Favorite best girl: Megumin (but there are too many I love)

Favorite art style: Kara no Shoujo

Favorite genre of vn: Hm I play just about anything with some exceptions.

Favorite "dere" type: Yandere

Favorite yuri game: Flowers

Favorite  non- canon pairing: Don't really have one.

Favorite side character: Hanako & Azusa from Tsujidou-san

Favorite otome game: I've only played some of the Amnesia ones so those

Favorite best boy: Yamato from Majikoi

Favorite translation: I don't really have one

Favorite OELVN: VA-11 HALL-A

Favorite trap: I don't have one (don't like traps)

Favorite jrpg: Tales Of Berseria

Favorite waifu: Kusakabe Asako from Grisaia but I have waay too many

Favorite imouto: The one from Wagamama High Spec

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? Nekomimi / Ryumimi

Favorite BL: None, I don't like BL or Yaoi

Edited by DarkZedge

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 Favorite vn: doki doki literature club

Favorite route: butterfly soup

Favorite loli: doki doki literature club

Favorite kyonyuu: dream daddy

Favorite shota: butterfly soup

Favorite best girl: sakura beach

Favorite art style: dream daddy

Favorite genre of vn: hatoful boyfriend

Favorite "dere" type: butterfly soup

Favorite yuri game: doki doki litearture club

Favorite  non- canon pairing: dream daddy

Favorite side character: butterfly soup

Favorite otome game: sakura club

Favorite best boy: doki doki litearutre club

Favorite translation: doki doki literature clib

Favorite OELVN: clannad

Favorite trap: duck soup

Favorite jrpg: mother 3

Favorite waifu: monika

Favorite imouto: dream daddy

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? dream daddy

Favorite BL: the house of fata morgana

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Favorite vn: Tie between Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Fata Morgana. The former has the best cast of characters in anything I've ever read and an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a butter knife, while the latter is incredibly tight thematically.

Favorite route: Chaos;Child- true (if that counts as a route). If not, I suppose Haru from G-Senjou.

Favorite loli: Saya

Favorite kyonyuu: Maybe Jo from Gakthun?

Favorite shota: Luka from MonQuest

Favorite best girl: Ange from Umineko

Favorite art style: Fata Morgana or Kindred Spirits

Favorite genre of vn: Utsuge~

Favorite "dere" type: Deredere

Favorite yuri game: Okujou no Yurirei/Highway Blossoms

Favorite  non- canon pairing: I guess Kaede/Shuuichi from Danganronpa v3? Shipping isn't really a thing I do much, but those two did have pretty good chemistry, I think.

Favorite side character: Meijuu from Rose Guns Days

Favorite best boy: Michel from Fata Morgana

Favorite translation: Gahkthun

Favorite OELVN: Sweetest Monster

Favorite trap: Ruka from Steins;Gate

Favorite jrpg: FF7

Favorite waifu: Orai no Gahkthun's



Favorite imouto: Maybe Yukari from KnS

Favorite BL: No Thank You

6 hours ago, URV said:


This post just made my day

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Favorite vn: Umineko

Favorite route: Dies Irae - Marie's and Rea's routes. 

Favorite loli: Illyia

Favorite kyonyuu: Marie - DI

Favorite best girl: Kurisu - Steins;Gate

Favorite art style: Morgana

Favorite genre of vn: kamige XD

Favorite "dere" type: yandere

Favorite  non- canon pairing: MC and Morgana - The House of Fata Morgana

Favorite side character: Archer

Favorite best boy: Mercurius

Favorite translation: Steins;Gate

Favorite OELVN: The Letter

Favorite waifu: Marie

Favorite imouto: Illyia



As for the lest the answer is none

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I'm pretty bad at coming up with random stuff like this off the top of my head, but let's try this.


Favorite vn: Little Busters! (not necessarily the one I rate highest, just plain favorite)

Favorite route: Coco (Ever 17)

Favorite loli: Orpha (Eien no Aselia)

Favorite kyonyuu: Abe no Seimei (Eiyuu Senki)

Favorite shota: Riki (Little Busters!)

Favorite best girl: Kurugaya (Little Busters!)

Favorite art style: Expressionism

Favorite genre of vn: Mystery

Favorite "dere" type: Kuudere

Favorite yuri game: SeaBed

Favorite  non- canon pairing: Uruka x Yuuto (Eien no Aselia)

Favorite side character: Masato (Little Busters!)

Favorite best boy: Chester (ENIGMA:)

Favorite OELVN: Katawa Shoujo

Favorite jrpg: Ar Tonelico II

Favorite waifu: Kimi (Horizon)

Favorite imouto: Ange (Umineko)

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type: Cat

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Favorite vn: Hatsuyuki Sakura

Favorite route: Usami (G-senjou no Maou)

Favorite waifu: Tamaki Sakura

Favorite art style: Unisonshift Blossom


Favorite genre of vn: nakige

Favorite "dere" type: kuudere

Favorite side character: MAXX

Favorite OELVN: 80 Days

Favorite jrpg: Persona series (3 and beyond)

Favorite Kemonomimi animal type?: kitsune


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