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Chichi Miko!!

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 Matsushita Ukyou is typical mama's boy. One day, he receives a call from his grandmother, Chichiizumi Touka, asking him and his mother to visit the Chichiizumi Shrine, where she holds the title of Milk Shrine Priestess. However, it turns out to be more than a simple call when the priestess announces that she will be retiring! Ukyou must perform the chichi miko training with three beautiful women, his mother, aunt, and cousin, and determine which is fit to succeed as Milk Shrine Priestess!

*Ending Guideline / Suggested Route-Ending Order*
 Chichi Miko!! have 6 endings, one for each of the family members, a (Ultimate) Harem and a Joke Bad End. The Harem end is locked behind an Enforced Playing Order and it can only be unlocked by beating the 4 main routes at least once, then replaying Touka's route to get a new choice to appear. There are few choices and they are all pretty obvious, but, with that said, I personally recommend playing Grandmother's route before the Harem route for a more optimal experience (there is also a Threesome scene in Rinka's route which is better enjoyed if you played Momoka's first in my opinion), the Bad End is worth for a few laughs and not that long, so feel free to get it any time you want. Save before making any choice! Read the notes left inside the spoiler boxes!

*Route-Ending Guideline*


Matsushita Renka
Matsushita Renka (Mama)


1)Have first mating with Mama
2)My training partner is Mama

Mama★Milk Shrine Priestess End


Chichiizumi Momoka
Chichiizumi Momoka (Aunt)


1)Ask Momoka to mate with me first
2)My training partner is Momoka

Momoka★Milk Shrine Priestess End


Chichiizumi Rinka
Chichiizumi Rinka (Cousin)


1)Decide to have my first with Rin-nee
2)My training partner is Rin-nee

Rin-nee★Milk Shrine Priestess End


Chichiizumi Touka
Chichiizumi Touka (Grandmother)


1)I can't choose anyone
2)My training partner is the Milk Shrine Priestess*
3)I'd better stop after all*

NOTE 1: I recommend saving on the second choice, so you can have a shortcut for the Harem path (and possibly the Bad End).
NOTE 2: Only appears after beating the first four endings.

Touka★Milk Shrine Priestess End


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"Grand" Harem

 Requires the first four heroine endings. When you replay Touka's route you'll get a new choice. 


NOTE: I recommend loading on the second choice, so you don't have to skip the first scene.
1)I can't choose anyone
2)My training partner is the Milk Shrine Priestess
3)Alright, I'll get in



Chosing "I'd better stop after all" will give you some extra flavor text, but, nothing major.

Milk Shrine Maiden Grand Harem End 


Bad End


NOTE: There is no specific way to get this ending. Just chose different Heroines when prompted.

1)Have first mating with Mama
2)My training partner is Momoka

Ukyo★Chastisement End


 This walkthrough is based on info attained on this post and my own Playthrough of the game.

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