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VNR noob - will only output Japanese text

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Hello, I'm trying to get to grips with using VNR with a PSP emulator. I have set it up so it captures the correct text string with "Ignore infinite cyclic text" set to on. As you can see from the below screen, it seems to capture the text ok.





However, I can not get it to apply machine translation and give me a bunch of possible English options like I've seen in the tutorial vids. All my language options are set to English but no dice. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks.

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If you checked the option to use online translators, check if your connection is okay. And wait awhile, bc this option is usually slower.

If you checked the option to use offline translators (like ATLAS or LEC), check if they are installed properly.

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Ok, the issue seems to be that most of the scripts don't really work anymore.

Google translate works fine.

Bing translate only returns the name of the character speaking (first word of every sentence). Manually pasting text shows Bing is the most accurate. Anyone know offhand how to get it to show the entire sentence? For example:







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