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Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition (Kemomimi Harem Vacation ~Inaka de Nonbiri Mofumofu Kemonomimi Shoujo-tachi to Kozukuri Zanmai~)


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Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition

Cherry Kiss Games (Official Website)
DLsite English
18+ Patch (Alternate Link on Official Website)

 Unhappy with his life in Tokyo, Kazuma returns to his hometown in the interior of Japan, where he meets his four classmates. When girls accidentally reveal that they are not mere humans, a journey of discovery and romance will begin.

 Sumire is the fox and the leader of the pack. She has a maternal instinct and a deep desire for physical contact. Tsubaki is the cat and the second in command. She knows what she wants and is always determined to get it. Aoi is the canine spirit and the youngest of the four. She is obedient, full of energy and always seeks to please her mate. The last girl, Nazuna is the Japanese tanuki or raccoon. She is intelligent and has a sensually creative mind, but also a little encrequeira.

 Follow Kazuma's story as he reveals the secrets of his hometown and discovers a supernatural world. His adventures include mountain picnics, summer festivals, unexpected clashes with Gods and naked dives in a natural Japanese hot spring. In Japanese folklore, youkai are magical creatures or supernatural spirits and are constantly used as elements of fiction and fantasy. 

*Ending Guideline / Suggested Ending-Scene Order*
 As VNDB states in the tag section, independent of what you do you'll unavoidably get a harem ending and there is no Bad Endings, the only thing that changes is which girl you go on a date and which girl you "plant your seed" on the final H-scene. There is literally only two choices (one if you don't consider the ejaculation option at the final scene a proper choice) which appears very late in the game, seeing all date scenes will also unlock all steam achievements. Considering this is a Nukige, I recommend installing the 18+ Patch since 80% of the game content is sex scenes. Save before making any choice (So you can see all scenes)!

*Ending-Scene Guideline*




2)「Inside Sumire」




2)「Inside Aoi」




2)「Inside Tsubaki」




2)「Inside Nazuna」


 If you chose all choices at least once, you should have gotten all achievements, since only 4 are choice releated (the ones where you chose the date) and the others you'll get naturally as you progress through the story, but, here is a list anyway:


18a16b0fe105da6495829b95d4a3380af8d65734.jpgReveal your Wild side
See Kazuma's childhood friends in their true forms.

b0a4b47616ab8bf3d17354e59a2772575cf483ad.jpgLeave it to Professor Nazuna
Venture into the forest to find Monsieur's Heirloom, yo.

3b81b1ed819b47bd95043a089649092f9b457144.jpgA sopping wet Cat
Exorcise the spirits at the river.

60f9e766a4c8adad5cdf5f7459d196ca34658e71.jpgDrunk on love
All Characters are 18+ and above the legal drinking age of love potions.

b82a8711df97d01dff812016950fcdc41e77485f.jpgAnatomy Class
Have Nazuna and Sumire teach you a Biology lesson you will never forget.

3e3743e149c4bc35feee5155baf79873f0098f92.jpgBit of a Sweet-tooth
Mind the shop while Aunt Plum takes a break.

24faac601d9ea0b0bd82359d84c2772b129435fc.jpgTrial of Will
Ensure Kazuma successfully endures the Test of Willpower

3fab63f6610179e0361fa16dbbed02e8ec473a69.jpgI'll make a God out of you!
Help the Mouse God get his Shrine in pristine condition.

Attend the annual Yokai Convention.

36984fe7deff08df1d20a05ec471b49732696e41.jpgHeavy Steam
Hopefully you can see through the steam during your Hot Spring visit.

cd8f48dd199e8c69b9e80095b09db1d1a44fb5ef.jpgSearch for the missing Magatama
Chase down the rascal that took the all-powerful Magatama!

98b5b9dc45f1a0b9b7a46a84026b4bbe1621bf5d.jpgTouched Fluffy Tails
Be sure every fluffy tail has been pet, stroked, rubbed, caressed, and fondled.

e60f972efc91b53b4289e6810e92ec4e366e05c8.jpgA Date with 'Big Sis'
Enjoy getting pampered by Sumire as you escort her around the Festival.

f96fd814be37dfd6743dfe6681c71ffab566c663.jpgLike, best date ever yo!
A romantic date is, like, her cherished ambition dude.

1f3cf03f23b0d244c7d144ec2dcf5b8a2146ad2c.jpgIt's not like I want to date you BAKA!
Make sure Tsubaki enjoys her time at the Festival.

6b19651789aefa423307bf14a0ece5b3e9e642ea.jpgShe licked me all night long
Keep and eye out for Aoi and naughty spirits once the festival starts.

 This walkthrough is made by me. Achievements descriptions and Images taken from official Steam Page.

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