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Any good imouto routes???

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The title says it all. Character development, plot, attatchment to the characters, is what im looking for, but PLEASE no nukige and PLEASE english patches?!?!?!

Thank you guys so much!!!

games with imouto routes I've already read:


Dal Segno

Flyable heart (kind of...?)

Nurse love addiction

Hoshimeme :)

G- senjou

and i... think thats all?

Thanks again!



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Imouto Paradise duology maybe XDDDDD

Joke aside (The duology was nukige), there's some VN with imouto heroine so might as well recommend that. The VN that I knew were have imouto heroines was Chrono Clock (Michiru), Kana Imouto (Titular Kana), Da Capo 3 (Himeno after the prologue), Saku Saku (Konami), and Duel Savior (Mia). All of those were translated in English in case you need confirmation, and have fun.

PS - As of whether the imoutos route was good or not, I'll leave that up to you because it was subjective matter

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2 hours ago, r0xm2n said:

and Nukige is crying game.

You're mistaking a nakige for a nukige. :makina:


Anyways, the ones that I personally enjoyed was:

Chrono Clock - Michiru's was a pretty emotional route.

Duel Savior - You have to finish all other heroine routes first before going into Mia's route.

Kana Imouto - Title.

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Chrono Clock +1

Best Imouto Route ever and I don't like Incest!
But her Route wasn't really focused on the Incest part but more about something else. However Michiru's Route was the best in Chrono Clock and really emotional. I loved it. 

Yosuga no Sora --> Didn't play it. But there is a sister route. But only the common route, Sora's (sister), Nao's and Kazuha's route are completely translated. 

If you like Yuri, then I recommend you:

Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou --> Oh, you already played it^^
Love Ribbon


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2 hours ago, Overlord87 said:

And that mistake can make quite the difference, I'd add :D

Although I can think of a few nukige from that synopsis thread that would most likely make me cry...

Just in a slightly different way than Clannad. :D

EDIT: In the main topic, I will keep claiming that Ace Academy has one of the best little sister characters in history and if you don't pursue any romance route, you get some fun extra interactions with her. She's not a love interest, if that's what the OP was looking for, but she was the highlight of the whole VN for me. :]

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