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Looking for trap protagonist romance with male character

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I want play something peculair VN that I play as Trap character (Gender bender) or had feminine body and can be romance with Male character ( like childhood friend ) but  if it can be romance with Female character I wouldn't mind anything but "I don't want VN that I play as masculine male body like DRAMAtical Murder https://vndb.org/v5916 , No thank you !!! https://vndb.org/v8701 (Yaoi game)"

So far I read manga like Boku girl, Mide love, and many gender bender element game (crossdress also)

List of Visal Novel I had play

-Majikoi (Love it with bromance between friend and heroine!)

-Little Burstler

-Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale (Gender bender)


-some otome game.

Do you guy had any suggestion ?

I kinda know my preference VN genre quite weird T T

Thank you in advance :D

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I tried several vndb searches, but they don't show much (which isn't really surprising). Basically, there's this vn (a trap having sex with traps) and X-Change series.

If you like gender benders, then Ying-Yang X-Change should work.

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